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Lunch Playdate.


M is growing in confidence. There is no denying he is at last beginning to feel more confident with some people. Now, I’m not saying he’s able to hold a conversation with somebody he doesn’t know, but he can now make occasional eye contact with people he sees me with on a regular basis – I am talking about the Mums, and Grandmas we see at the school. There are a chosen few, that I talk to regularly that he is at last coming out of his shell with, and it is beautiful to see. One in particular, he has been happy enough to walk home with, and even stop into her house. It is a major leap forward in his development. One that being honest we were wondering if would ever happen!

A few weeks ago, the Mum of one of D’s friends suggested her son and his chums had a boys night at her house – tea and playing. D was very excited at the prospect. M looked put out, and as usual we explained to him that when D gets an invitation, it doesn’t always include him – he sometimes gets quite upset when not being included on party invitations, which is why for D’s impending party I have made sure siblings have been invited. He wasn’t having that, he knew the boy to speak to and his Mum was in his circle of adults he was learning to trust, but it still came as an amazing shock when he out right asked her if he could go too!!! I was horrified that he could be so forward as to invite himself, but my over-riding feeling was one of great pride that he had wanted something that he knew was attainable and just went for it. He had spoken to an adult unsupervised, and it was wonderful to see. The Mum said he could go, and hadn’t invited him as she wasn’t sure he would cope – they only live at the other end of our street, so I said if he was finding it difficult, just send him home! They both had a lovely time, and came home well fed!

My boys then asked if they could have some friends over during the holidays. Of course they could. To be honest, I would rather people came here to play as it give M the freedom to have a familiar safe spot if it gets too much for him, and therefore we pretty much have always had an open door policy for kids popping in – I do however have to know their Mums before I let them in as I don’t want any trouble!

The boys though didn’t just want a playdate, they wanted a play day! They invited four – 3 boys and 1 girl,  of D’s chums – M is more comfortable with them than his own peers, and their Mums/Grandmas – I thought if they are going to wreck the house I at least want a gossip and a coffee!! The boys then went ahead with planning the day! Everyone was to come over midmorning so they could play before having lunch – lunch was going to be pizza, and then they could play again afterwards! It sounded a perfect plan. I suggested that if we made dough then everyone could make their own pizzas. The boys like the idea.

I then threw a spanner in the works, and said they had to tidy their bedroom and the toy shelves if they wanted visitors!!! After much grumbling, they did it, and did a brilliant job of it on Monday.

Yesterday morning, I was in the kitchen making the dough – I had to make different sorts as D’s best friend has wheat and milk allergies, so I am learning how to adapt recipes, and I heard the cleaner going. I thought Old Person was putting it round – I know hard to believe, but no, M had decided he should clean before his guests arrived, and D had the polish and was cleaning the table! I should definitely invite people over more often if it gets this response from them!

The day was great fun, and all the kids were so well-behaved.   The pizzas all looked lovely, and were consumed with gusto.      Luckily the weather was good, so they were in and out to the trampoline as well as the little play area just out of our back garden.    Much time was also spent playing The Lego Movie Video game, and they all agreed it was awesome!

The house was a bomb site after they left, but no more than it is usually with my two, and it was just toys that needed putting away, and nothing more disastrous!

The boys were good hosts, and played nicely letting others play with their stuff – M has sometimes in the past had to be told to let others use his toys, but not today.       I think the only time I had to raise my voice during the day was when they were all at the dining table eating, you’d have thought they were each a mile apart that they had to scream a conversation!!!

My boys of course want to do it again, and will definitely during the next holidays.       I am very proud of how well they behaved, not just with the children, but with the adults, as M was very gracious when complimented on the flapjacks he had made!

It is lovely to see the hard work of teaching social skills does sometimes pay off.     D was overwhelmed by everything from the day, and I do think it was possibly sensory overload for him, as he spent an hour sobbing his heart out in the evening, for no apparent reason.   I think he just needed to release all the controlled emotion from the day, and crying is a lot safer than his usual thrashing and screaming.       He was asleep within minutes when he settled down, and hopefully had sweet dreams about his successful day.

Family health update.


With so many lows in our family health recently with a vomiting bug that has wiped out half the town, and not just us, and coughs and colds, I thought it time for a quick update on our real health issues.

D is at last off his crutches.    It is amazing to think it is just 4 short weeks since his op, and he is already getting back to normal!

He walks like a little old man at the moment, and kind of rolls as he goes along with a very pronounced limp, but it is such an improvement.     He though thinks he can do all things he wants to do already and this includes running which have led to some near disastrous outcomes.   Luckily he hasn’t done any further damage to himself in that respect, but I think it is a loosing battle to expect him to slow down and think about what he is doing.    D has always been a two-speed person, dead slow or full pelt.   I don’t think there is any point trying to get him to think about what he is doing, as it just wont happen.    He has an appointment next week at the hospital with the surgeon, to check they are all ok.      Hopefully they will sign him off for a year, as they will have to check the angle of his legs once he has grown if they aren’t they will have to operate again to realign them by moving the plates.     It will be back in two years to have them removed – this D is already worried about, so there is nothing like forward planning your worry diary!

We did have a bit of an upset on one of his wounds this week.     His right knee has healed beautifully and there is already just a thin line where the cut was made, but the left one has been weeping.     The nurse at the surgery told us it was just seepage that isn’t uncommon after surgery.    We left it, but kept dressing it.    Then it started to bleed, so we bypassed the nurse and demanded to see a doctor.     He took one look at it, and prescribed antibiotics and sent us to the nurse – a different one to the one we had seen previously,  to have it dressed again!    She got her magnifying glass and has a good look at the hole in his knee and said it looked like one of the stitches hadn’t dissolved and had become infected!     Within 36 hours of taking the antibiotics, his wound is looking dry, so hopefully they will do the trick.      It just shows that is you can’t just accept what the professionals tell you the first time, and you need to keep asking until you get satisfaction!

So all is going well for D.

I was also back to the doctors last week.

My breathing was no different, and to be honest, I felt no better, despite having taken the tablets for a week.

There was good news though.    My ECG had been sent to the cardiology department, and they had said that it looked ok, as a stand along reading.      They did however think there needed to be investigation as to the changes since my last one.     I think this is positive news!   I will just wait for the letter regarding the heart scan.

The doctor is still very worried about my blood count, and wants to send me for more tests.     Her concern is that with a family history of bowel cancer it needs to be ruled out as a possibility.      I hadn’t even thought of this as being a possibility.    I will have to go and have a camera through my tubes to check nothing is going on down there that shouldn’t be.     Not something to look forward to but now she has put the thought of bowel cancer into my head, I need to get it ruled out!           She did though say that the fact I have polyps in my stomach, there is a possibility they are also further down my system, and it might just be one of them in bleeding.      I just feel happy she is investigating, as I have suffered with anemia for as long as I can remember – I had to give up donating blood because of it, and all that has ever been done in the past is put me on iron pills, my blood count then looks good, and so end of treatment.   Nobody has ever asked before why it keeps happening.       One thing she did comment on was that I don’t eat red meat – with the exception of bacon.     I have just never enjoyed it.       She is therefore wondering if it is just diet related!       This made me have an inward chuckle, as one of the first things you do when you go on a diet is try to reduce your fat in take, and this usually means cutting right down on red meat, and here a doctor is telling me that I don’t eat enough of it!       I actually think I should just go with the thought that chocolate contains irons, and live on that!!!!

I had to go to the dentist, as a tooth that keeping playing up was annoying me again.    He gave me some antibiotics  – I am going to be rattling soon.    I have to go back in a couple of weeks for root canal surgery – don’t I lead an exciting life!   Anyway, there has been a positive outcome of taking these antibiotics.    My breathing problems vanished within 48 hours of taking them, and the gagging feeling in my throat has gone!     Now, I am no doctor, just a logical person who is putting 2 and 2 together here.    Could these antibiotics for my teeth actually done something for my chest and throat?     Could I have been right all the times I have bothered my GP’s surgery since my op saying something isn’t right in my throat?      Would they ever admit that even if it was the case?      Who knows, and to be honest who cares?    My breathing is much improved – it doesn’t hurt anymore, and I don’t feel I’m gagging when I lay down!       I have an appointment with the doctor next week when I will present my evidence and I will be prepared for being told it’s a coincidence and the two things couldn’t possibly be connected!!!!

So, we are all heading in the right direction which is perfect with the holidays just over a week away!



Today is the biggest day in sport in Aberdeen for many years.     Aberdeen football club has reached the final of the Scottish cup.

All the part-time supporters have come out of the woodwork and 40,000 fans are heading down to Glasgow to see their team play Inverness.

Now, I confess I know little about football, I am a Brentford supporter after all!     However when I married Hubby I became interested in the Red Army, because I had no choice – his love for them after all was a considering factor in us living up here rather than down south.

Hubby used to write for a fandom website, and therefore would head off to all games, both home and away.   When the M came a long, he prioritized and decided home games would still be a must, but away games went onto the back burner.

When football was on the telly, the boys would sit with him, and be introduced into what it was all about.    M showed no interest, but D was soon asking questions about what he was watching.

Last season, the club was offering a childs season ticket with the purchase of an adult at no additional cost.    Hubby got one for D, and it was a cold wet day that he became a member of the Red Army.       He didn’t go to every game but went to enough that when asked if he wanted to go again this season he didn’t have to be asked twice!

I think to start with going to the games was about pleasing his Dad, but it has changed to actually wanting his team to win!

As the team progressed through the tournament, Hubby told him they would go when the team got to the final.   They then actually managed it, and D was really excited.    He would not just be going to his first away game, but it was to a cup final!

Hubby queued for ages with all the other fans to get their hands on the much requested tickets.    The club has apparently sold 40,000 so Celtic Park is going to be a sea of red!

D has of course been in hospital since the excitement of getting to the final.    He told the physios he had to be walking by the final, and I think this may have been part of his motivation to get moving.     He is only using his crutches now for confidence rather than to aid his walking.     He has taken them with him today just in case he get tired as there will be a bit of walking involved.

I bought them both new scarves for the day, and Hubby planned the journey.    They are parking in Glasgow city centre and then getting the bus to the ground.    They are then meeting up with Hubbys brother afterwards and going for a meal.

D has been really excited about going, but has also seemed a little nervous.      It is a big day for him.   I am sure it is one he will recount for the rest of his life when he tells his kids about his first – and hopefully not last,  cup final!

Hubby has taken my phone as well as his, so D can have it in his pocket, so should the unthinkable happen and they get separated, they can contact each other – D knows how to send messages to his Dad  on my phone as will often steal it to do so!

My worry is the noise level at the ground might stress him out  he has his hat which he can pull down to deaden it a bit.    I am also petrified he will get lost in the crowds, but Hubby will be there and they have made contingency plans.

They went off early this morning, to give themselves plenty of time.     D was as excited as Hubby.    I hope they have a brilliant day and of course they see Mr Anderson lift the cup.

COYR!   (To the rest of us that means Come on you Reds!)