Old Person Update.


This time last weekend, everything was going a little bit mad with my Mum in hospital.

Every day they were going to send her home, but her blood results kept coming back saying there was still an infection.    Monday though they decided they had had enough of her, and she could come home.

Monday was Hubby and my wedding anniversary, so we decided to go out for breakfast, knowing the rest of the day would be a little bit mad.    We therefore got the boys off to school, and headed south to the Castleton Fruit Farm which has a wonderful café.     Hubby had a full breakfast, which looked and smelled delicious, while I had hot smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.    It was really lovely to have some grown up time in such a chilled atmosphere.    It sounds horrible to say, but with Old Person being looked after in hospital, it meant we were far more relaxed, not having to worry about getting back as soon as we could.       We did however get back in plenty of time to call the hospital at midday, which was the time they had said a decision would be made if they were keeping her.    She was coming home.

I was advised to leave it until 2pm to go in, so they could sort her medications before release.

The hospital car park is being rebuilt at the moment, so parking is really at a premium, and it took lots of driving around in circles to finally find a space.

The day before Old Person had been moved wards, so I had to first locate where she was now hiding.     When I did get the correct ward, I then confused the nurse, as they had several patients with the same first name as my Old Person!     I did say if she had a nicer one, I would consider a swap, but she insisted I kept the one I had taken in on Friday night!!

Even though I was later than I had been advised to collect her, she still wasn’t ready, and had to wait to have the cannulae removed from her hand, as well as the paperwork for her medications.      It was so hot in the ward, I was feeling quite heady by the time an auxiliary arrived with a wheelchair to take her down to the exit.      It took me a while to navigate the one way system and get myself back to  the door Old Person was waiting at.

She looked so relieved when we finally pulled away from the hospital.      It can’t have been fun for her, as she wasn’t feeling unwell after the initial episode on Friday.    I think she was bored to tears in fact.

We got home and got her settled with a cuppa, just before the boys got home from school.      It took them a while to notice she was there.

The next morning, I let her sleep, as she said it was so noisy in the hospital she had not slept very much.       It was in fact almost 10:30am before she got up!      I am sure the sleep would have done her as much good as the antibiotics she was given to take.

She was soon moaning at full speed and making up for the lost time over the weekend.    It was a true sign that she was on the mend.

It was a really scary time on the Friday evening when it all kicked off, but she is no worse for her experience.

Thank you to everyone who sent their best wished to her, it was really kind.



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