The Sleepover.


The children are on their February midterm break at the moment.   In this part of the country, they only get a couple of days  holiday but 2 in-service (teacher training) days are added to it, to make it 5 days off.    Every year there is a conversation as to why the days are spread over two weeks, rather than having a full week off, but it is the way it is, and so despite a moan, there is very little that can be done about it.    M actually calls it a 7 day weekend rather than  a week off because of how it is spread!

D and his friend, have been asking if they can have a sleepover for a long time.     Probably most of the school year in fact.   I was getting fed up with making excuses for it not happening, then eventually before Christmas, I said that I would speak with his friends mother and see if we could sort something out for the February break.    Well, it seemed to do the trick, other than the break was almost upon us, and we had arranged nothing!

His Mum and I spoke and made some arrangements, before telling them what was happening!    When they were told, they were so excited!

The plan was that D would go to their house for the first night of the break.    They were over the moon it was being allowed to happen.     They were making plans of all they were going to get up that evening!      I asked his Mum more than once if she was sure she wanted them at hers!!    She was happy for them to be there as they spend a lot of time at our house normally.

On the day of the main event, D was so nervous.      He woke early and was in a very niggly mood.     He wasn’t going to admit that he was a little apprehensive about spending his first night away from us, but his temperament said it was worrying him.    A couple of times he even said he had changed his mind, and didn’t want to go.     He was all over the place.      When he got a message from his friend asking what time he was going over, he went into total meltdown and needed a lot of reassurance.

After a lot of faffing about, he got his things together and headed off.    We got plenty of cuddles as he said his goodbyes.   You’d have thought he was going off to war, and not just an overnight up the road!

Within 5 minutes of him leaving, his brother, who can’t stand the sight of him, and dislikes his very being, was telling me how much he was missing him!!     I’m not really surprised, as they do spend a lot of time together, even if they usually end up rubbing each other up the wrong way.

We decided to make the evening fun for M.     We had take-away and watched a movie.   Then him and Hubby had their own sleepover, playing video games, and messing about.    It was good for him to have some individual Daddy time as Hubby and D do spend a lot of one on one time together with going to the football.

Even though D was gone, he made his presence noticed with messaging regularly through the evening.    He certainly looked like he was having fun, laughing and joking, every time his face came up on my screen!       He finished each interaction, be it to me, his Dad, or his brother, by saying “love you”.     It is something he isn’t usually keen to say – he’s too cool to admit he has feelings!     It was lovely to hear, especially as I was missing him like mad!!

He was playing Minecraft and watching movies, things he loves.

In the morning, he sent a message to ask what time we wanted him home.     My answer was whenever his friends Mum wanted to kick him out!!    He arrived back about 11am.     He was super excited, but also looked as if he could fall asleep at any second!      He later admitted they had only had about 4 hours sleep as they had been playing most of the night!     He said they got told off once for their noise, because they had woken the friends little sister.       Other than that, they seemed to have been no bother.

I messaged the Mum to thank her for returning him in one piece.     She said he had been a delight, and that he was quiet and shy.    I know, I also had to check it was my son that had been there!      It is good to know he knows how to behave with other people, and I would much rather he was quite in public, even if he goes wild at home.      He also got himself a fan, as the little sister took a shine to him, and burst into tears when he left!      He certainly has a way with the women!

So they had their sleepover, and it was a huge success.     Both boys really had a great time.     They are now planning the return fixture, of what they will be doing when they come to our house during the Easter holidays!      I can’t wait!!!!


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