Hello 2017


We are into a new year.   Woohoo!

I have never been a planner, life happens and you just go with it.     Of course how we act and interact creates the paths we can choose from, and this includes the choices we make of the people around us.    We make bad decisions which can have long term effects, or we make good decisions which build us up, and move us forward on the Monopoly board of life.      Because I have this sort of attitude to life, I don’t really see the changing of the year as a big thing.    The linear form of time as we know it says that the time will go from 23.59 on December 31st to 00.00 on January 1st – all be it with the leap second this time around.

In years gone by, unless I was working, I haven’t really made a big deal of staying up, but the boys wanted to, so Hubby and I forced ourselves – although at one point we thought Hubbys snoring from the sofa would drown out the sound of the bells.     He toasted with fruit juice and then went to bed.    The New Year had begun.

I don’t really see the point of making resolutions – well, when I’m as awesome as I am why would I?, no, seriously, I fell they are setting yourself up for failure.    I do however think it is a time to take stock of our journey to the point we find ourselves.      Think about the past but don’t dwell on it.     Use it as a platform to build on and not a chain to hold us back.

People say 2016 was the worst year because of the celebrity deaths.     There were some well known people that left us, whose deaths did affect me, because even though I had never met them in person, their work had a direct effect on me for whatever reason.     It doesn’t make me a bad person for feeling grief at the passing of a person I had never met, but instead, it make me grateful that my life was touched by what they did.

On a more personal level, my Godmother passed.     She was my Mums friend for a million years, having lived next door to each other for a very long time in Middlesex.      I didn’t really know her.      I wrote her thank you letters every Christmas and birthday for gifts received, but that was really the extent of my contact with her after my granddad died when I was 9 years old, and we didn’t visit there anymore.      Regret is such a negative thing on us, that I try not to, but I do wish I had known her better.    Maybe as I grew I up I should have made the effort to visit with her, but I didn’t, and for that I will always be a little sad.     I will use this though to remember to make the most of the people in my life, as we never know how long we have them.

So many people start January with the idea of becoming the perfect weight and fitness level.      As someone who has been dieting for 40 years, I am proof that there needs to be a more realistic motivation.     D and I have talked about it, and decided we are going to try to get fitter this year.      The reason being, the boys will be having their first overseas holiday in the summer, to Italy, and I would really like to not feel totally self conscious in my swimming costume on the beach.    It is a definite to work for.      A real goal.      Now the doctors have adjusted the painkillers I take for my arthritis, I am moving more easily – its great not to feel in pain constantly, and therefore being more active should be achievable.    Once everyone is back to school and work, I can start cooking properly again, and so we’ll be eating better – I am sure we aren’t the only family to have pigged out over the Christmas/New Year period!     I think it will be good to get back to some healthier meals!

What else would I like to achieve?    Well, I am going to continue to get my mental health on the right path.     This is a life long goal which will need constant work, but one I intend to make sure I put the effort into.       I am going to make my family healthy and happy to the best of my ability.

Whatever you want to achieve, make it happen, because it is good for you, and not just because for feel you should resolve to change at the start of a new year.     We made it through 2016, and so we must be doing something right.

I wish you health and happiness for 2017.


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