Why are we judging people’s grief?


This struck a chord.

Sharing stories, articles and blogs on mental health to help reduce the stigma

By Kirsty Caswell

​I saw a post today talking about the focus on Carrie Fisher and the other celebrity deaths in 2016 instead of the atrocities in Aleppo and around the world. And I can say that these celebrity deaths HAVE affected me more deeply. Even if you feel that makes me a bad person.
Maybe because I understand something about depression and have no possible concept or scope of being a refugee.
I think it’s because I’ve experienced mental health issues and considered suicide at times in my life but I’ve never needed to climb into a rescue helicopter to escape my home.
Or because I’ve been touched more than once by mental illness, cancer and heart conditions in the lives of those I love but I’ve never had to see my neighbours killed.
I think it’s because I can do absolutely nothing at all about Syria but donate…

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