Another new baby – kitten


You may recall that earlier this year we decided to add to our family by bring a couple of beautiful kittens to live with us –     They are beautiful hairy babies who have settled in to the point it is hard to imagine them not being here.

I follow the local branches of Cats Protection on Facebook, and regularly get picture of missing cats to share, and fundraising events that are being held.       It is a font of knowledge about the charities work in the area.      The updates though, often include animals that are still looking for their forever home or need rehoming for whatever reason.      A couple of weeks back one of these posts was showing the most beautiful little kitten.      Hubby was smitten just seeing the picture and decided one more hairy baby would complete our family.        He sent off an enquiry about the wee chap.     I took the phone call from the lady at the Cats Protection and she said that this particular kitten had been reserved but he did have 2 other litter sisters, if we would like to visit them.      Of course I said yes!

We decided not to tell the boys.       The Cats Protection centre is at the side of town that Hubbys Mum lives, so we told the boys we were going visiting.      After we left their Granny’s house, we told them we just had to pop somewhere to take a look at something we were thinking of getting.      They weren’t happy, especially as we got ourselves a bit lost and ended up driving around in circles for a while.        When we finally found it, and they saw the Cats Protection van, both were opened mouthed with excitement at the thought of getting another kitten.

We were taken in to where the pens were and the lady said she had been thinking about our family make-up, both human and feline, and wondered if we would like to meet a different kitten.      He had not yet been put on the website as looking for a home, but she just had a feeling about him and us.       She then produced a carry basket with the most beautiful piece of ginger and white fluff in it.       He was tiny, at only 10 weeks old.        We all had a cuddle with him and he felt so light, being used to lugging about our other 2 giants.       He stole our hearts instantly, and almost in unison, the four of us said that we wanted him to be a part of our family.       His name was Rupert, and he was due his first injections the following week, and assuming all went well with that, would be ready to come and live with us a couple of days later.      The boys were really happy, but at the same time disappointed that he couldn’t come home immediately with us.    We were told we would get a phone call during the week to let us know when we could collect him.

Every day that week the first question I had from the boys when they got home from school was had the lady from Cats Protection rung.      We had heard nothing by mid-week, so Hubby gave her a ring on the Thursday and she said he had just had his jabs and so we could collect him on Sunday afternoon.

The boys were so excited, and decided it was time to think of a proper name for him.      D thought Stampy, after the YouTuber they watch as his image is a yellow and white cat.    M though over ruled this saying ginger was too orange to be yellow!      They went back and forth with various ideas.    It wasn’t until we were driving out to collect him that they decided on Frederick.     It might seem an odd name for kids to come up with, but when ever I can’t think of someone’s name I call them Fred, and it is a bit of a joke, as I am useless at remembering names!

When we arrived at the centre, there were two other families waiting to take their new hairy babies home, so there was a bit of a wait.    D was getting very frustrated by this as he was desperate to see his new hairy brother.      When it was our turn to go in, Hubby did the paper work, while the boys and I had cuddles with our new family member.

In the car going home, the cage sat in the middle of the back seat, between the boys.     We put a blanket over it, to try to help calm the poor wee toot, but he did cry a fair bit, and the boys ended up with their heads under the blanket talking to him.    When D came out for breath, he said that he thinks we should stick to Rupert as his name.   It was therefore decided he would remain as Rupert.

When we got him home the older hairy babies were out so he was able to see his litter tray and food before they greeted him.     By greeting him I mean they both hissed at him and then ignored him.           That evening, he came and sat on our bed to sleep.       Spot and Fluff were not impressed with the new addition to the family and took every opportunity to hiss at him and make him feel unwelcome.         The following day though Spot began to take an interest in him, and started following him about.   Fluff though was having none of it and keeping well away.      It took a couple of days to say Spot had excepted him and they ate next to each other.    It has taken a few more days for Fluff to come to terms with the fact he is here to stay, but he has now given him a few licks, as well as clips across the ear!


My human babies, are totally besotted with them.      M wanted to stay home from school so he could just cuddle him – it didn’t happen.       D though has really surprised me with how he has bonded with him.      D says they are ginger buddies, and therefore have a strong connection.      He is extremely gentle with him, and Rupert has slept on D’s bed for a couple of nights.


Rupert is so friendly.     He loves tickles and enjoys sitting with Old Person – something neither of the other cats will do.   She says he reminds her of her first kitten, Porky.

He has had a string of visitors popping in to see him.   A friend of mine came in under the ruse her young grandson wanted to see the new kitten – he stood well back while she had a cuddle with him!    Some of D’s friends have made excuses to pop in and see him, to see the new kitten.    D has one very good friend who had said when we got the first hairy babies that he would never come into the house again as he was frightened of cats.    He of course did, but didn’t want to be in the same room as them.    He eventually became used to them and would give them a tickle, but looked very uncomfortable.       When D told him we had a new kitten, he came especially to see it, he happily tickled him, and yesterday asked if he could have a hold.     Rupert just curled up in his arms.    I insisted on taking a photo to send to his Mum who couldn’t believe he was cuddling a cat!       Him and D walk to school together, and this morning, he was rather  early knocking, as D hadn’t even put his coat on, so he came in to wait and get another Rupert cuddle!     This I believe was the real reason for his punctuality this morning!

In the week he has been with us, Rupert has grown.   It isn’t surprising as he is a greedy young man, and we are having to make sure he isn’t eating his older brothers food!      He is extremely friendly and likes nothing better than being a scarf – curling up around necks.       I think he knows I am the bringer of food, because I have been groomed a lot by him, which I see as his acceptance of being part of our family.        His new cat brothers are accepting him and playing chasing games with him, as well as doing some grooming.    It must be strange for them having him here, but they have adjusted very quickly, and even though Spot will curl up on me, and glare at him, its more like Spot telling Rupert that sitting on Mummy is his place, and only when he’s not using me can someone else go there.

He will get his second injections in a couple of weeks, and then have his snip in December.     He’s a beautiful boy.   I’m so pleased the Cats Protection lady thought he would fit in with us.

If you are thinking about getting a cat, please check out your local Cats Protection branch as they will be very helpful in finding you the right hairy baby for your family.



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