Settling into routine!


It doesn’t seem possible to think the children have been back to school for 2 weeks already.    Doesn’t time fly!    Yet, in another way, it seems that it can’t be just 2 weeks since they returned.

M seems a little more settled, and resolved to the fact that he has to go to school, however much it pains him to do so.     I don’t think that he is trying it on, and genuinely believe there is a reason for his behaviour, which we hope to get to the bottom of so we can help him – no child should be this stressed.     With this being his final year of primary education, it is so important that he makes the most of it, to try to prepare him for moving up to “the big school” – the thought of the petrifies me, so goodness knows what it will do for him!        He is still coming home and disappearing to have alone time to process the day, but he is then re-joining the family.      Every night he asks me if he has to go to school the next day, and each morning he can be heard having an argument with himself about the process of getting organised.     But he manages it.     I think it has helped that now the teacher has got to know a little more about the class, and them her, the seating arrangement has been rejigged, and he is now sat with people he knows, and more importantly know him and how to react to his idiosyncrasies.      If he is with people who make him feel comfortable, then the chances are he will stay tuned into the day much better.        It will be interesting at the meet the teacher evening in a few weeks.         For now, I am going to say, with my hand firmly on some wood, that he is getting through each day without the meltdowns we were having at the end of the last school year.       That has to be a positive.

I am really grateful to  D’s friends who have helped support M.    They have let him walk to school with them, and played with his at break times.    I think it’s a sign of where M is emotionally where he relates better to children 2 years young than himself, rather than his own peers.      I feel M is so used to his classmates thinking they can manipulate him, that he no longer realises when he is being bullied by them.     We had an incident where M was playing on the X-box, and one of the people he calls a friend from his class came online.   He messaged M to say he wanted to play Minecraft with him, M was playing something else and said he didn’t want to.    He then received message after message telling him he had to play with the boy, until finally he gave in and changed games.      When I asked him if he really wanted to, he said, it was alright because the other boy wanted to play.     At this point I just switched off the games console before play commenced.       I am not sure the other boy realises that his behaviour effects M but he must have realised that M would cave in if he kept pushing, which is why he kept at him.

D on the other hand, has settled back into the school way of life with great enthusiasm.      He isn’t too impressed with his table dynamic, as there are a couple of chatters with him, and he gets very frustrated with people who don’t concentrate when it is time to work.       He did comment to me that he doubts they will ever get table of the week – they earn good behaviour points through the week, as the gossipers keep loosing points for them!     It will frustrate him if it continues, but I am sure he will learn to switch off from them so he can get on with his work.         He was VERY excited by the first lot of homework that they were given last week, as it was a sheet of 50 sums – I know, only my son could be so excited by this.     While doing homework isn’t the struggle for D that it is for M, he does still try to delay it as much as possible, but always has it done ready to hand in on the Friday – his argument of not learning his spellings until Thursday does add up as they are fresher in his mind for his Friday spelling test.   However the 50 sums got whizzed through on the day it was given to him!

I think the relief of the boys seeming as settled as is possible at this stage of the term, has had a negative effect on me!     I have had a stinking cold the last few days!     As with many cold I imagine I have let my defences down and let it grab hold of me!    I am sure however I will survive.



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