The weekend.


I don’t know about you, but we like to do something special for the kids the first weekend after the schools have gone back.       Never anything major, but something that makes them realise their efforts are appreciated.

This past weekend though was slightly different because of the stress M is living with.      We therefore didn’t make too many plans, and instead decided to play it by ear as to how much or how little he wanted to do.

I am very conscious that M has needed a lot more of my attention than D has this week.      I am really proud of the way D has seen M struggling and held back on his usual joys of winding up his brother.        D has gone out of his way to help him, both at home, and from what I hear, at breaks at school, having him play with him and his mates.       They are  like your typical siblings who speak a good case for why they don’t like each other, but really the love is deep and they are always there when needed.        When I tried to say to D that his patients with what M is going through was much appreciated, he just shrugged it off with a “whatever” – yes, he is a trainee teenager already!      I do however think it is important for him to realise we have seen the effort he has been putting in, at a time that isn’t always the best for him, he has allowed his brother to front and centre.       He is a good boy.

M has been quiet all weekend, wanting to spend a great deal of time in his own little world.       He has so much to process from the past week that it must be totally exhausting for him.      We have therefore given him the space he needs.     But having said that, he was very much part of the family group which was good to see.

Friday night the boys got to choose takeaway – Friday is my no cooking night when we either have takeaway or something like frozen pizza which just needs throwing in the oven.         They were in agreement with what they fancied – miracles do sometimes happen, and D happily asked everyone what they wanted, and put it on the order, only handing me back my laptop when the time came to pay for it!!!!          It was a really chilled evening with everyone sitting together watching a movie – although it is really difficult to eat when M is snuggled up so tight to me I can hardly breath!

Saturday morning started brilliantly, with M deciding he wanted to make bread.    He just had a craving for some fresh bread.      He found the recipe, and with me just checking what he was putting in, he filled the bread maker pan, and switched it on.       A few hours later, we had lovely fresh bread for a later breakfast.     In fact it was so good, the whole loaf disappeared very quickly.      I thought his ingenuity was amazing from start to finish.    I am really proud at how confident both boys find themselves in the kitchen.

Saturday afternoon, Hubby and D went off to the footie.   They are season ticket holders, and have been for some years.    Initially I thought D just went to please his Dad or for the pies, but Hubby says D can get quite animated at the games!!      It’s good for them to have some quality time together, and I think Hubby wouldn’t have been too happy if both his sons weren’t into football – M doesn’t understand it and finds it quite boring!

M didn’t want to do much when they were out.     He played video games for a while, and then put YouTube on the main telly.      I must say that while I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, I do quite enjoy some of the people they watch as they are quite funny.       Watching M while he is viewing the videos is interesting, as he is actively communicating with the hosts.    I think another sign of the bubble he finds himself in.

Sunday morning, Hubby was doing a skip run – my oven died, the new one is due any minute.    The boys went with him, so they could go Pokémon hunting afterwards.     Like I think many parents, I find this whole Pokémon Go craze quite odd.    If the kids want to go for a walk, why can’t they do it without having their noses glued to their phones?      My boys are very good with it.    After the initial arguments of why they can’t go off and hunt for these creatures, they know the areas they are allowed to go in the immediate area to home.      They watched a video on YouTube about bad things that had happened to people while playing the game, and some of them were horrific.       D did say to me that he realises that we aren’t just mean parents but we were trying to keep them safe.    I suppose a back-handed compliment is better than no compliment!!

During the afternoon we just chilled in the garden.    It was a lovely warm day, as was nice just to sit and enjoy it.      M was fretful for his hairy babies – the kittens, that were out, as he worries for them – not that he really needs anything else to worry about, and so he was up and down, unable to sit still.

In all, it was a weekend where very little was done, and that was good.        Hopefully it gave both boys the chance to recharge themselves ready to really get their heads into school work this week.        I know it was good for me just to see everyone making the most of their downtime.



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