Changing Plans


We were due to be on holiday this week.     We had booked a cottage in the Lake District.     I was really looking forward to it as there was a hot tub which I intended spending a lot of time in.       The at the last-minute, well, a week ago, we had to change our plans – meaning it was too late for a refund.

I received a phone call from Hubby last Monday morning.   Hubby rarely calls, but does text a lot, but I had a new phone and thought maybe he was just calling to be the first person I had spoken to on it.     Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple.     He had received a call from his brother who is staying with their Mum at the moment, to say she wasn’t too well, and he had called an ambulance for her.     Hubbys office is just next to the hospital site, so he said he would head straight there.      He had called me to let me know what was happening, and would let me know as soon as he had more information.

I told the boys that their Granny was poorly and had been taken to hospital.       Now, it would be fair to say that D and his Granny can rub each other up the wrong way, and that’s putting it mildly, but as soon as I told him, he was extremely concerned.      Every two minutes, he was asking if I had heard from his Dad to know what was going on.     It was lovely he was so worried, but also rather annoying as, in these situations, one seems to assume the worst, so I was a little panicky and his constant questions to which I had no answer were becoming annoying.

Then I got a message from Hubby saying they believed she had a stroke during the night, but would know more after a scan.        It wasn’t good news, but at least it wasn’t the worst news possible.       As a non medical person, I don’t have the greatest of understanding of this sort of thing, so when a nine-year old starts asking all sorts of questions about what a stroke is and what it will mean for her, I found it quite hard to explain – I have always believed in giving kids honest answers to any questions as I think they will take in the information they can and either ask more questions to qualify information or close the subject.

As the day progressed we had various snippets of information, and she had taken a minor stroke.    Hubby said she was confused but settled.     He was going to stay with her until she was on the ward.

When he eventually got home, he was of course in a state.      It had been an emotionally draining day for him.      He said as he walked from his office to the hospital, his mind was playing all sorts of scenario, but he was expecting to be told his mother had died.      It was of course a huge relief that it hadn’t been the case, but the fright of the possibility had got to him.

The next day he went in to see her.    She was attached to drips and was being given oxygen – she had a chest infection before this had happened so they had to clear that before they could really see what was going on with her.          Hubby said she looked so much better than she had the day before, although she still looked terrible!         She was going to have a second scan, and under go a load more tests.

As the week progressed she seemed brighter in herself, excepting what had happened – initially she wouldn’t accept she could have had a stroke, instead insisting it was just indigestion!!!!

When I went in to see her a few days later, I was shocked at how unwell she looked, and Hubby was saying she was  looking so much better than when she was first taken in.         She was still on the oxygen and looked washed out.      She seemed quite resolved to the fact she would have to give up some of her commitments and take things a little easier going forward.

Hubby and his brother went in for a chat with the professionals to find out what was going on.    They were told she would be transferred to the other hospital in the city for rehabilitation but that couldn’t be done until her chest infection was cleared.    She would therefore be staying where she was for now.     They did however believe she was doing very well.

It is therefore now a case of playing the waiting game to see what happens next with her.     We are taking turns in visiting and she has friends who will be popping in to see her.

Hubby and I talked about the holiday and decided that there were things that were far more important than going away and family was really top priority.         I don’t think Hubby would have been happy going away when his Mum was so under the weather.     The boys were of course upset at the prospect of not getting their holiday but we have done our best to explain to them the reasons we came to that decision.     Hubby said he would still take the time off work, and we would go out and about to try to make the best of a bad situation for the boys.

I am of course not happy at not going away, but it is one of those times when priorities are obvious.    I had intended spending my birthday next week just sitting in the hot tub, but will now have to think of some other way to pass the day.

Hopefully my Mother in law will soon be on the mend and life can return to the normality we live by.


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