Hate is all around.


I am not a political person.     Well, not in the grander scale of things.     However with the political climate in our country at the moment I think many people have suddenly become more engaged with the system as we see it fall apart in front of our very eyes.

The referendum about the membership of the EU was a horrible campaign.    Both sides of the argument had no answers to any questions the ordinary person was interested in, and so instead they resorted to a mixture of scaremongering and mud-slinging.       It was horrible, and I for one became very turned off from the whole process.       I did vote, I believe it is an important part of our democracy that people have died to give us that right.     I do a postal vote, because I have only once not voted and that was the day D was born, and I feel guilt about not using my vote.

I voted Remain.       I did this because I find nationalism very narrow-minded and to be honest I feel where I was born doesn’t really define who I am.    I think there are two things throughout history that have caused the biggest problems, and that is religion and fights over land.          There is plenty of space on this planet if we as a species ever felt like getting on.

I don’t understand the need to hate someone because of where they were born, their religious views, or the colour of their skin.    It makes absolutely no sense to me what so ever.       Its barmy.       When I first moved to Scotland I was horrified by the hatred shown toward me for being English.   I was verbally abused on a near daily basis is the shop I managed.     It made no sense to me, but made me better understand, all be it in a very small way how people who suffer because they are from other heritages.          Why dislike someone, that you don’t know, just because of their accent?

The divisions caused by the Scottish referendum a couple of years back, are still very much in evidence, but they are nothing compared to the deep level of divisions the EU referendum has caused, between friends and family.        There has become a real us and them situation between locals and foreigners.     Unfortunately the truth is many of those who are being targeted with hatred and abuse are people who are third and fourth generation born to this country, and if we take that to the logical conclusion, I imagine many citizens can not trace their history as being true blood to just one nation.          It seems to be that dormant genes have been awoken that go back to the days of the British Empire when our nation was arrogant enough to believe we were better than everyone else.     It frightens me to hear this way of thinking.   It makes me very sad.

I wont lie, when I heard the result, by first thought was “that’s us sold out”, and I still really feel the same way.    The winning side of Leave, seem to have had no plan as to what is going to happen, it is almost as if they were caught off guard by the result.     Maybe I am being naïve, but I would have expected there to have been a fully written plan of action for what would happen in the days, weeks, months and years following the result.       Even if it was in pencil on the back of a beer mat.      Instead we have a lot of political figure who were very vocal before, telling us how great things would be, suddenly trying to pass the buck as to who makes decisions.        Nobody is in control.

It seems to me – again, probably in my naivety, that the whole political system that has worked so well for so many years has stopped.     We have a Prime Minister who has said he’s washing his hands of the whole thing, and with his family fortune, who can blame him.     We have an opposition, no wait, there doesn’t seem to be an opposition party, as they are too busy fighting with each other to worry about the mess the rest of us find ourselves in.      In Scotland we have the strange situation of voting remain quite convincingly, so the members of the Scottish parliament are now fighting about what this means for the future of the United Kingdom.

I am sad and ashamed by what is happening in my country.      I know only a small proportion of the people who voted to leave did it for racist reasons, but those that have are making a lot of noise and showing a dreadful side.    The action of a few ill educated people if tainting us all as a country.     I wonder if they would refuse life saving medical treatment for their children because of the colour of the skin, or the country of origin of the surgeon!

I feel sad and ashamed of the hatred this whole campaign has whipped up.       It worries me what kind of country and world we are actually creating for our children.   I would prefer to give them a world of friendly debate and argument, rather than a world where hatred and violence are in control.     We need to learn from history and not keep making the same ridiculous mistakes time and time again.

I am hoping the country get some leadership soon that will take control of the situation and guide us through these uncertain times.     The result may not have been the one I voted for, but we do need to find a way to move forward for the good of us all.   If the fighting and nastiness continues at the top levels of government, than it is no example for the rest of the population.

I have always been a great believer in we are who we are.     Since having the boys, this has become even more prominent in my view of how we should live our lives.      We have tried to teach them respect, because every person is an individual.    Because they don’t fit the mould of “normality” with their autistic brains, I think they find it so much easier to just accept people for the face they are shown – although that does have its own problems with being over trusting.       I think many of my friends on Facebook see me as the supplier of the modern equivalent of the cat poster, as I share inspirational quotes about getting on with each other.     I have found in the last week, reminding us all that we don’t have to agree on all things to get along has been necessary.

I am fearful about the uncertainties we are facing just now, but I do  believe we will over come the nasty streak of hatred and return to an even keel.    I just hope it doesn’t take to long to get there.

Please love and respect each other. x


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