It’s been an age.


It has been a while since I have had the inclination to sit down and think about all the stuff going around in my head.    There has been so much going on that I needed to process it all.    I am not sure I have done that, but I think my foggy head is clearing enough for me to see light at the end of the tunnel – knowing my lucky though it will be an on coming train!

The boys are plodding along nicely – I use that term in relation to how they usually survive, rather than any greater meaning.

M had problems with bullying again, and so meetings were had at the school.       The child in question was made to apologise to him, and the issue is seen to have been resolved.     The problem though is this is a recurring situation.   We will however enjoy the lull before it blows up again – that might sound like I am being negative but I think previous experience has made me wary of false apologise.       This term, his class have been having swimming lessons as part of their PE slot.    Every Friday afternoon, they have walked up to the local pool.    M’s water confidence has come on leaps and bounds recently, although his style leave a lot to be desired!     My attitude has been, does it have to be pretty, or does he have to know what to do to stay alive in the water?     Anyway, he is totally loving the sessions, and I would say it has been the point of the week he has really been enthusiastic about.     For him any sign of enthusiasm is something to be encouraged.   I think he will be sad when the block of lessons finishes.      He was really proud of getting the Head Teachers pencil a few weeks back for work he had done in relation to his class project about the rain forest.    It is amazing how something so simple as a little recognition can make a child’s attitude so much more positive!

D plods along as always.     It is exactly 2 years since he had his knees operated on, and it has made his life so much better.    He is very introspective at the moment, wanting to spend a lot of time by himself.     While I respect everyone’s right to alone time, I do worry that there is something deeper going on with him as it is so out of character.     He says things are fine at school, although his best friend is still off more than in attendance due to health issues, and this has to be having a negative effect on him.      The only thing he will ever speak about from within his class, is when people have got into trouble and lost golden time – he proudly says the only  time he has lost any was last year when the whole class did, and this still sticks in his throat as he wasn’t one of the children involved in messing around!     I think the reason he comments on children misbehaving is because it really does annoy him.   He very much believes in the rules, and that they should be obeyed, so even the slightest infringement rubs him the wrong way.       He recently celebrated the birthday of his Vlog.    I have had some criticism for allowing him to make his videos, which I find quite strange.      If my child was a keen sportsman, I would be there cheering him on.    If he loved theatre or dance, I would be there encouraging him.    Why should my parental pride be any different because he wants to make his vlog?      I am proud of him, and his brother who often helps out on the videos.     The difference doing these has made to both of them is totally brilliant.    To hear two shy ASD children open up and talk confidently is truly amazing and something I will encourage, because I believe it has helped them in the real world with their communication skills.

Hubby is back in the swing of work.     He has good days and bad days, and we are all trying hard to help him make sure he has more of the positive ones.    It is a hard road he is travelling but hopefully he’s well on his way now.

My biggest problem at the moment is Old Person.      She has finally got her hearing aid fitted, and boy what a difference it makes to her.     She has admitted that she now understands why we had been telling her for so long that she needed to do something about her hearing.       She has been having problems with her shoulder, since a fall she had in November.     The GP gave her an injection in the joint to ease the pain, and it has certainly helped.    She also had it x-rayed to check there was nothing more sinister going on in there.       It showed that it was only wear and tear, so I suppose that’s positive.    The physio has been in a couple of times, giving her exercises to help strengthen the muscles.    She is back to the doctors in a couple of weeks so we will see if they have any bright ideas of how to ease the pain.       I have been trying to get hold of social work for  her since before Christmas, if not longer, but it seems impossible to get anyone to talk to me.     I have filled in the online assessment forms they require, but still nothing from them.      I would like them to open a case for her, as we have been in limbo since she came out of hospital over a year ago.     It would be great if her needs could be assessed, as right now I have to way up the needs of three different people with additional needs, and it’s not fair on any of them – or Hubby or myself.      I really need her to have respite care so we can go on holiday with the boys, as I’m not sure what we will do when we are due to go away.   I feel like I am letting her down by not being able to be there all the time for her, but I really need time with Hubby and the boys only.

Me, I’m pretty much the same as ever.      The darkness has been hovering recently but I am sure that is  more to do with my age, rather than anything else.     I am so tired all of the time, no matter how well I sleep.     I have had a horrible cold for a couple of moths now.   Colds are something I rarely get, so it is really annoying me.       I get up every day, and make sure by the time I return to my bed, everyone has been fed and watered, and are as happy as life will allow them to be.       I think gives a certain level of life satisfaction!!!

As usual, my motto is Onwards and Upwards.    It really has to be!!!



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