Christmas Done. New Year, Hello.


Christmas seemed to come and go, without too much feeling for it.     I can honestly say taking down the last of the decorations this morning, that I haven’t really got into it this time around.        That makes me sound like a massive Scrouge, but I don’t think I am.      I think we went with the softly softly approach this year and it really worked.       We had the most chilled time I can remember with the boys.      My MIL stayed over for a couple of days, but even she seemed more relaxed than usual – but that might have been down to the bottle of brandy we made sure was on the shopping list!

I think a quick look back at how we all coped is in order.

Hubby finally returned to work in December, all be it part-time for a couple of weeks.      He had a horrible year in 2015, but I think he is finally turning a corner, and getting back on an even keel.     He was however off for most of the school holiday, which was nice.

M had a disturbed December.   It is always hard for him with the lack of structure to his school day as there are so many new things to be done.     His highlight however came when he didn’t want to go to the cinema with his class for then of term treat – he doesn’t cope well in a busy cinema, so when asked if he wanted to go he instantly said no.      He was however worried as to what he would have to do if left behind at school.    In fact, he made so many tries to get the day off that I was proud of how well his imagination was working!        He was sent to help out in  a P1 class for the morning, and he was so excited telling us about it when he got home.    His enthusiasm was lovely to see.      The low point though came on the last day of term.      They were to take games in to play – something I never understood when I was at school, and the whole idea of a day of down time at school totally stressed him out – yes, did the opposite to what it was meant to.      He decided that he needed his toy Otter to go to school with him to look after him – I usually discourage him taking cuddly buds to school because it leads to a route for bullying, as his peers are at a point they have outgrown the need for public comfort but M is emotionally half his chronological age so is still very much needing the support of his furry friends.         M went into class before the bell after one of his so-called friends started hitting Otti.        When he got home from school, I asked how the day had gone, and it was at this point he panicked because he didn’t have his otter.     He was convinced he had him when he had left school, so must have dropped him on the way home.     Hubby and the boys retraced his steps, but no signs.      Tears were flowing as M was beating himself up for “being a bad parent” – his phrase.    We took to social media to ask if anyone had found him to get in touch.       The next day a friend of a friend who happens to be one of Ms teachers said she had seen him in the cloakroom at school.        The relief was unbelievable.   He must have put him down when he put on his jacket.       M was still really upset that Otti would be alone over the holidays, but at least he was safe.     A short while later there was a knock at the door, and it was one of the nursery nurses from the school.      She had gone up to the school and rescued him.    I called M to the door and he spluttered thank-you as he hugged his beloved otter and tears flowed!     He didn’t let go of him for the rest of the day.       They say Christmas angels come in all shapes and sizes, well ours came in the shape of someone who cared enough to safe Christmas for my son by going above and beyond any call of duty.        This morning, I put a thank-you card into the nursery that M had written to her.      The rest of the holidays was pretty uneventful for M.      One of his presents for Christmas was a pair of Bluetooth headphones, and I don’t think he has taken them off, as they have allowed him to hide in his world much more easily.         Then two days ago came the realisation to him that he would be returning to school.     The panic attacks began, as did his tell-tale cough which he only gets when stressed.     Last night he cried for about three hours before he finally fell asleep exhausted.     This morning he went into class before the bell, and when I walked passed his class room, I could see him sat all by himself looking so unhappy.     It is heart breaking to see him like this.   I know once the day got going he would be ok, but a child shouldn’t feel so scared of the loneliness of school.

D!     What can I say about him?     He has actually had a fairly calm holidays.      Yes, he has had his moments, but I imagine most children have over the holidays.      At one point M stood up to him and asked him to stop bullying him, and I think this might have shocked him into thinking a little bit about his behaviour.    For Christmas, he received a lot of things to do with his vlogging, glasses with a camera in them, various software that I don’t pretend to understand, but his Dad has been busy setting it up for him.      If you haven’t seen his vlog, he’s on YouTube as Super Epic Dan, and he talks about gaming and aspects of life as an aspie.    He says he didn’t want to go back to school, but as soon as he saw his friends this morning, he looked far more relaxed.

Old Person has been poorly over the holidays.   She has had a stinking cold, and it has knocked her for six.      She actually stayed in bed one day, which really isn’t like her.    She is on the mend now, but still snotty.    Maybe the cold has meant she hasn’t had the energy to bait D too much.    The boys did manage to get her to join in with a game of Mario Kart – I think the boys only like playing her at this because she never manages to finish a race so is always last!      It was lovely to see a bonding session between the generations.

I’ve muddled through!     I’ve had days when I have been screaming in my head because I am fed up with doing everything and no matter how much I ask for help it gets ignored.      I did have a wobbly one day which resulted in having them cook for me!    Should I really have to loose it to get some help?    Well, no, but it was nice to have a day off for what ever reason.

So, what does 2016 hold for us?    Who knows.      I am back to healthy eating, but am impressed to say I actually lost a pound over the holidays!    I have a goal to sort myself out before the big birthday I have in the summer.

I hope everyone else had a lovely time during the celebrations.


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