School Christmas Fayre


At the weekend was the school Christmas Fayre.    It is an important date on the school calendar.      Money raised goes to the Parent Staff Association, so helps with the extras in the children’s school life.

There is no question as to if the kids want to go to the event, it is a must attend.         When we woke up on Saturday morning and there was a dusting of snow on the grounds so the boys had to go and play in that first before we wandered up to the school.

The school was heaving when we did get there.       There were stalls in a number of classrooms and in the school hall.        We had to be logical in our tour of everything, visiting each room in turn.        The boys were really good at not I wanting everything, but we still ended up spending a small fortune.      They love the tombola’s – the kids got to donate chocolate or bottle for a chance to dress up at school last week.      At the bottle stall, D managed to win on each of his 3 tickets, but wasn’t happy that he won a bottle of beer, one of cider, and a floral bubble bath!     M got some hair oil!       I tried not to laugh too loudly!       We then moved on to the chocolate stall, and the only win came to Hubby, and it was chocolate I don’t like – I know its hard to believe there is chocolate I wont eat!           The boys then wanted slushies which they deserved for being so well-behaved.

It was then time to go and see the big man in red.     D was really excited to go and see him, but M was rather worried at the prospect.      I am so pleased that my boys do still believe.     I think it is really sad to think that many of their counterparts are already loosing their faith.       It almost makes me angry when M tells me that he is told Santa isn’t real, when he still is caught up in the magic.     D has a wonderful theory about Santa, and it is obviously something he has thought long and hard about.       He of course noticed that all the different Santa’s don’t look the same, and has questioned this many times.     My response to this is that the real Santa is very busy at this time of year and so all the pretend Santa’s report back to the big man.      He has been quite happy to accept this, until this year, when he announced why they report back.      They are of course all Elves trained by Santa, so they know exactly what they are doing – what questions to ask, and how to talk to children.    He was so adamant about this as he was explaining his theory that it makes total sense.      I am just happy he has found a way to continue to believe.     When they do question it, I refer them to the movie Rise of the Guardians because it basically says the magic only exists if you choose to believe.

Anyway, back to the visit to the big man.    D was really excited, and went in first.    He wanted to go by himself, but Hubby earwigged at the door to hear what he was asking for – he said a PS4, but luckily Santa told him it was a very expensive present and he had a lot of children to get things for!      When it was M’s turn he was very agitated and held my hand very tightly.     I went in with him, and he stood facing away from the very convincing looking Santa.       He answered him  when spoken to, but rather abruptly.      He asked for a 3DS with Pokémon – right answer as that’s what he’s getting!!!        Santa gave a small present – a chocolate selection box , and said goodbye.       It was really difficult for M to do it, but I think he did really well to face a fear and do it, because he still believes.

It was a lovely morning.   It is good to see the wider community come together.   It is also great to catch up with a lot of Mums that I only see at events like this.

I am really getting into the Christmas spirit now!!!!


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