State of Humanity


What a world we have when people treat each other as inferior commodities.

I am not a politically minded person.  In fact it leaves me cold which is why I rarely comment on world affairs – after all I’m here to talk about my immediate world and not the bigger picture.    Today however I can’t not say something about how ashamed I am of the so-called developed world.     We live with the I’m alright jack attitude and sod everyone else.     We supposedly live in a civilised society but how this total disrespect of other human beings anything like being civilised?      I am of course talking about the horrific situation of people risking their lives to escape the horrors in their home countries.
The pictures yesterday of the lifeless body of a 4-year-old child washed up on the beach like some piece of rubbish was totally horrific.     It made me cry.     As a mother, my one priority is keeping my boys safe and well.   Therefore, also thinking as a mother, I can’t imagine how terrible things would have to be to put my family in a situation of hope that had possibly deadly consequences.    It’s heartbreaking.    The mother of that child must have been totally desperate to embark on that journey with her most important possession, her son.
When I hear the argument that they only want to come to our country for benefits,  it makes me so sad, that educated people are so stupid to think risking your life and that of your loved ones would be worth the miserly amount they could in handouts.      The other argument that is annoying me is hearing how it would be a strain on our NHS.      No, the problems with our NHS will not suddenly stop if we don’t take people at risk into our society.
We live in a society where only getting a 3g signal instead of 4g can feel like the end of the world.    These people,  these fellow human beings are escaping horrific situations that thankfully the majority of us can’t understand.
Would I want a family of refugees in my community?   Yes I would.    When I was at school, the Vietnamese boat crisis happened.       Several families  came to our town, and were housed on the estate I lived.   There were that haters that felt these people were being given everything, jumping the housing waiting list etc, but even as a child I knew that they had left everything behind so it was the least we could do.    We had a family live near us, and the kids were in my tutor group at school.    I remember they could speak no English when they arrived, and as kids, they were a fascination to us all.     They though were friendly, and tried really hard to learn what their new life would be like.      It didn’t take long before they could speak English and they were fully integrated into school life and beyond.      For the rest of us, it didn’t take long for us to forget how different they were when they arrived.   They were just fellow pupils, our friends.         I can’t say I have thought about this in a long time, and analysing it now I realise how as kids we are accepting.     How we learn to hate.    It is a lesson we should learn , that hatred is something that only eats at us, and causing pain and suffering to all.

I think want makes our country great, is our diversity.     We are a mixing pot of people and culture.    This is something to embrace, not something to be negative about.       When I first moved to Scotland, I experienced hatred because of where I was born, and I just couldn’t understand it.        We are a product of our parents, and therefore have no control over where we are born, but we have control over how we grow into human beings.     We have control over the way we want our world to be.   We need to make this control a positive one.       My Hubby is born a Scot, but is only 4th generation with his family coming from England.    I am English-born, but my Grand-mother was Scottish.      I imagine most people in this country find their ancestry comes from all over, and going back further, with all the times this country has been invaded we are all descendants of migrants.

I am ashamed today of the attitudes I am hearing.   We need to stop our greed for things that aren’t really important and concentrate on what matters, and that is our behaviour to others.

Please be a humane human, and show love and compassion to those that are suffering.    We all owe it to our fellow beings to be kinder, and to teach the next generation that hatred is not the answer to anything.


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