Tooth ache


Anyone who has ever had tooth ache knows how painful it is.     I have always had crumbly teeth, and so the dentists I have visited over the years have become almost family friends with the number of appointments I have had.

Anyone with kids knows the problems there are in teaching a child to clean their teeth properly.    Then, once they have been taught how to do it, to make sure it is done to the highest standard twice a day.

As the boys are growing up, they are now becoming more aware of themselves and so will lock the bathroom door more often than not.     It is therefore very difficult to know what is going on in there.      It has therefore become quite a fight to get them to not just clean their teeth, but to do them properly.     M makes a big point of coming to breath in my face afterwards so I can smell his mintiness!!

I always use my constant visits to the dentist as a means of teaching them the perils of poor dental hygiene.     Unfortunately, it seem D has inherited my poor teeth.      Every visit to the dentist has included having his teeth sealed because of tiny holes.     At the age of 8 he has already had to have fillings, something not to be proud of.   For a while he has been complaining of sensitivity when eating, to the point where he refuses very cold drinks, and ice-cream.     Then for a couple of days he has been complaining about a pain running from his ear along his jaw.      We managed to get him an emergency dental appointment, and luckily with our regular dentist, who is absolutely brilliant and understanding with both boys about their autism – he will do any work in short burst, after having explained in great detail what it is he will be doing.         D went to the appointment with his Dad, and he said D was brilliant.    The dentist was only running about 10 minutes late – because neither boy like to be kept waiting, and because the dentist is always running very late, we have made it into a bit of a joke and game when we go, as to guessing how late he will be, and Hubby said D was very good saying exactly where the pain was.    He came home with a temporary filling, and a 40 minute follow-up appointment!         It seems he has an inflamed gum, probably a piece of food has got wedged between his tooth and gum, and this is what has been causing his face ache.      The dentist will be doing a deep clean for him during the long appointment – I can honestly say, that I am not looking forward to that!

For now though he has to do salt water mouth washes, and be supervised when cleaning his teeth.     I am hoping this will be a wake up call to him about making sure his teeth are cleaned properly at all times.    He is young enough to get the habit of tooth hygiene right before he ends up with the years of dental appointments I have endured.

Keep Smiling!!!




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  1. This is very difficult to go through. Wishing you all luck. I have my son’s appointment soon and I am praying that it goes well. I have to start preparing for it now.

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