The Minion Movie


One of the most awaited films of the year with our household has been the Minion movie.     I must say when I first heard that they were making a film with just the Minions, I was not too sure about the idea, but I love the little yellow guys and so was excited by the idea.    It arrived in cinemas in June, and the boys – and me, were desperate to see it.      M actually wanted to go opening day, something he has never asked to do for previous films!     We did however manage to discourage seeing it when it was freshly released as we knew how busy the audience would be, and that would have been more than a little upsetting for both boys.      So a month on and we finally went to the cinema to see it.

Usually when I have been anticipating a film, it has problems living up to these expectations.      The Minions though did not let me down – oh, and the boys were really impressed too.

M kept telling us that someone in his class had told him it was Despicable Me 3, and so we had quite an in-depth conversation trying to explain what a prequel was, and why it can not just be an enjoyable story in its own right, but that it can add to the films you have already seen which actually come later in the story – yes, it is a complicated concept to someone with a logical brain!       He then became upset that we had ruined the movie.   Why I asked.     We had been reading the book.       We have started reading the junior novel of the story – its great because D is at a stage where he can read most of it with confidence, and M can follow it and read some of it, they also love reading books together that I can read in silly voices – the things we do as parents to engage our kids!!!!       I explained to him that we had only read the beginning of the book, and so I don’t think we had ruined too many surprises.

COnsidering the film had been out a month, I was really surprised as to how busy the theatre was.   We took our seats, and M was really flappy – I think he had been looking forward to it for so long that he was an emotional mess about how to react to it.

Not wanting to give away any of the plot to anyone who has yet to see it, I will skim over the actual detail.      The story is needless to say totally laugh out loud, both kids and adults alike were  chortling for a lot of the film.     There was no bad language, the violence was of a totally cartoon nature, and it was perfect.       We cheered on our three heroes as they looked for an evil master to follow.         I don’t think I am giving anything away when I say when they finally met Gru, there was a real sense of satisfaction.        We know Gru is evil at the start of Despicable Me, and we know the Minions are devoted to him, so to see them unite was perfect.

Sandra Bullock may be the named start of the film, but it is the animators that have made us love these little yellow guys that are amazing.

The funnies during the closing credits were well worth not rushing out of the auditorium for, and quite an insight into the growing relationship between Gru and his devotees.

Would I recommend the film?     Oh yes!    M hadn’t even left his seat at the end, when he asked if we could buy the DVD when it is released – always a sure-fire answer to if he has enjoyed it.      I was certainly not disappointed, and the way both boys have retold the film since seeing it tells us they too feel the makers did the character proud.

Go Kevin!    Go King Bob!    Go Stu!    GO MINIONS!!!!!


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