Hubbys Birthday


Monday was Hubbys birthday. He took the day off from work to enjoy his passage of age!

The boys were of course up early to open his presents for him, sorry I mean help him open his presents! He is an Archers fan, so had a nice pile of merchandise, including signed books, and a jigsaw puzzle. He also had a Seattle Seahawks shirt, and I believe his favourite of all presents was a “I love Princess Leia” mug – he said that it was stating the obvious!

The boys were packed off to school, despite M’s insistence that he needed the day off to help him celebrate!

I gave Hubby various options of what he wanted to do with the day, from going for a nice walk down to the beach or along the cliffs, but he decided he didn’t want to be that energetic, and just fancied a trip to the city for lunch.

We did a little shopping, and then it was lunch time. One thing Hubby has never been good at is making a decision, so getting him to choose where to go was hard work! He settle on the Spur Bar and Grill. I think the worst part of going for lunch on a Monday, is that there are so few other people in the restaurant! We pretty much had the place to ourselves, which can be pretty intimidating but this didn’t stop the service being brilliant, and the food rather delicious!
Hubby opt to go for something he had never tried before and went for a zebra burger!

zebra burger

He let me try it, and it was very gamey, so I wasn’t keen. He however happily munched it up and enjoyed it, which is what mattered!    I stayed rather more traditional and had chicken and ribs!     The best bit of the menu at Spur is the onion rings – if you go to a Spur, you really should try them!

The boys were all over him in the evening. The only down time being when D had a wobbly and kept blowing out the candles on the cake!    He eventually let his Dad make his wish.

Birthdays are something we can’t stop marking the passage of time, but they don’t have to mark getting old! Hubby can be a real OLD fart some of the time, but on the whole, he is still young at heart. Let’s hope that continues!


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