School Spring Fayre.


The second Saturday in May is a date always in the diary of parents and pupils of my boys school. It is the day of the Spring Fayre. It is the main fund-raising event of the Parent Staff Association during the year, and therefore something everyone in encouraged to support.

In the weeks running up to the main event, the kids get a dress down day, for the cost of some chocolate or a bottle for the tombolo stall – the kids are happy for any excuse to not wear uniform, but I think they would be just as happy to be given the chocolate! There is also raffle tickets sent home to be sold for the main draw, which happens at the end of the event. With each household being given 5 books at £1 a book, you stay hopeful of winning something – as yet I haven’t received a call to say I have won anything this year! They also ask for home bakes, and D is always keen to help me make something for this stall – this year we made carrot cake muffins, and smartie cookies – I hope whoever bought them enjoyed them.

I am not sure why but Hubby really doesn’t like going to the fayre. It’s just not his thing, and so he is quite happy to stay away given half the chance. When asked if they wanted to go, D was extremely enthusiastic – he is totally brainwashed to believe it is something everyone goes to, and I am sure pretty much they do. M on the other hand, isn’t so keen. The crowds of people in the wrong place, and doing the wrong things in these places, totally confuses him. He therefore decided on Friday evening that he didn’t want to go. Hubby was happy to agree to stay home with him, while I went with D.

Saturday morning arrives, and D wants to be the first person there, but I managed to persuade him that it would be better to wait a while and let it get going before heading over. During this time, he managed to annoy both his Dad and brother with constant nagging as to why they didn’t want to go. He then hit on something close to both of their heart, the burger stall. Suddenly he had them both agreeing to come with us!

We wandered up to the school – it was a lovely morning after some early heavy rain. We managed to lose Hubby before we even got there, as he found a chum to chat with. The boys had a plan, and that was basically go into every room, so they didn’t miss anything important – D’s only insistence on this was that his classroom was the first we went into, but luckily it was at the end of the main corridor so a sensible starting point.

I had a bag full of booty, including bubble wand, blow up guitar and lollipops. From the bottle tombola, D won a bottle of mango cocktail – which the teacher happily handed to me, and M won 2 bottles of bubble bath – one was Disney Fairies, and I have had to remove the label as he was adamant he wouldn’t us it with a fairy picture, even though he agreed it smelled lovely. Hubby was the only lucky one at the chocolate tombola, winning a bag of Kinder Choco Bons – I wish I could say I am sad that I’m the only person in the house that likes these! We then went to the area of the toy sale. I don’t think I have ever spent so much money in one area of the fayre! Firstly D saw a Star Wars jigsaw puzzle – it was sold to him by the deputy head, and he said to me that if all the piece weren’t there, he would be in her office Monday morning wanting a word with her – lucky for her, it is complete, not that I believe he would have actually said anything to her.  Then M went to the cuddly bud stall – M is very connected with his cuddly chums at the moment. Firstly he saw some Eeyores – I have collected Eeyores for many years and have a huge collection, but you can never have too many, and both the boys have several that are part of their buddy families, even Hubby has a Tatty balding donkey which was one of the first presents I gave him, – the Mums on the stall said they knew there were others, and turned over the masses of toys they had to find them all. As they did this, M could hardly breathe as he was so excited to saw a Skylanders toy, that he just had to have, and then he saw a Yoda bird – from Angry Birds Star Wars, and knew D would love it. M was totally ecstatic at his finds. They ladies were short of change, and I said it didn’t matter for 30p, so she let M choose another little friend – he choose a small Minion. Then Hubbys eyes lit up as he saw a deluxe Scrabble set, and he actually put his hand in his pocket for the fiver to buy it – when he got home, he was very happy to find it wasn’t just complete, but seems brand new! It was then the main event of the morning, and a trip to the burger stand. The boys and Hubby tucked in saying it was a really good burger – I love barbecue but not about 11.30am! It was then time for the bouncy castle – the boys that is, not me and Hubby! It was an assault course type of bouncy castle, which D took rather gingerly, trying to pull himself up, as other pushed him out-of-the-way for being too slow – I was rather disappointed that some of those being unkind to him were class mates, who I would have hoped would have been a little more understanding to him and his mobility problems.

Tom and Jerry
It was a lovely family morning out.     On the way home, Hubby and M thanked D for persuading them to go as they had enjoyed themselves.   The boys both said it was the best Spring Fayre ever! I think it was because, going a little bit later than we have been before, it was not quite such a hustle and bustle as it often is, and therefore wasn’t so stressful for either of them. Both boys saw friends/classmates they knew to talk to, and  hit each other with their blow up hammers/guitars etc – every child seemed to be wandering about with one of them. I saw several Mums I hadn’t seen for a while to gossip with, and even Hubby saw many people to pass the time of day with – I’m told men don’t gossip!!!!

Hopefully the hard work of the PSA has boosted funds. The work they put in is amazing. The money raised helps with the extras within the school. They subsidize the kids going on various class trips, as well as the whole school going to the pantomime at Christmas. It is often forgotten how important these extras are, when we as parents complain when asked for contributions every other week, but they make a more rounded experience of their time at school, and it would cost so much more without the hard work the fund-raisers do.    I for one am grateful for all their efforts.


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