Curtis Crafts.


People know I like something for nothing, after all, who doesn’t. I therefore enter competitions for things I like the look of. Over the years I have won some pretty amazing things, some useful, some fun, and some that make me wonder why I entered in the first place!

In this day and age of multi media, keeping us connected with everyone all of the time, there are so many competitions on Facebook and Twitter, and I think if you entered them all, it would be all you did all day! I do however enter ones when I see something that takes my fancy.

Last week I saw a competition on a Facebook page, Curtis Crafts Driftwood. The prize was an ornament made from driftwood. It looked so unusual that I decided to enter. I have never been a girly girl – I was very much the Tomboy growing up, and therefore traditional pretty things, don’t appeal to me. This however looked amazing because it was made of natural elements.

Today I received a really well wrapped parcel, with lots of cardboard and bubble wrap – I’ll save the bubble wrap for some fun later. When I opened it, it was the ornament. It is stunning. The picture on the website, had just not done it justice. Its a very tactile piece with the smoothness of the well weathered wood and the cold stone plinth it is set on. I have managed to position it, so the sunlight hits the inset faux crystals. Its beautiful, and of course a totally unique piece.



The photos don’t do it justice, but take my word for it, its beautiful, and I believe quite a talking point.

The company, Curtis Crafts, are based in North Devon. It is a part of the country I have great infinity with. I have never lived there, but my Mum hails from that part of the world, so I have family history there. The products they make are amazing, from tables and chairs to tealight holders, ornaments – of course, etc. It is well worth looking at them on Facebook Every piece is unique as they use the driftwood washed up on the beautiful coastline where they are based. The price is reasonable too, with the ornament I received today, marked up at just £20. I think any of their pieces would be a well received gift because of it being unique.    This kind of art is definitely not the type of thing you see everywhere.

I have to say, I am sharing this with you because I am so happy to have received something so stunning, and not because I have been asked to – I haven’t actually yet informed them that I have decided to tell you about their company! If you are after a special piece at a sensible price do look at them, as the quality and craftsmanship in the piece I have shines through.

I thank them for letting me have something so beautiful in my home.


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