Easter over!


When the boys are home from school,  every day seems to merge into one, with nothing being done.   

We are now half way through the Easter holiday and it seems to be wizzing by.

M has had several stomach migraine this week, but the stress of the changes to the daily routine,  mean it doesn’t really surprise me.    Once he has got over the initial feeling sick, and actually vomited, or if we have caught it in time, given him his medication,  then he is fine.

Easter weekend being right at the start of the school break, means it has been almost forgotten already.   Hubby was home on Good Friday,  and so we had a nice chilled family day. 

The weekend saw Hubby and D off to the footie on Saturday,  while M and I did things at home.   
The Easter Bunny is very much believed in by the children,  although I did have to make up stories last year when D caught me hiding eggs –  I told him that some Mummy’s he asks to help him, and he delivers a bag, and the contents have to be scattered.    He happily bought this explanation and hasn’t asked any other questions!     Neither of my boys are real chocoholics,  they would much rather have jelly sweeties,  but easter means chocolate eggs. So that’s what they expect to receive.    They therefore get one full sized egg and a few small ones, otherwise it will sit until I feel I have to help dispose of it!          I was very proud of both of them this year, as it was.gone 7am before the first piece of cocoa mass was consumed.   I was even prouder of them when they were able to tell me the Easter story,  and the symbolism of the egg and why they roll it – just proves they didn’t snooze through all of the church service on the last day of term!   I am not a very religious person, but I think it is really important our kids understand why we do things and not just accept it is because we do.

D had a party to go to lunchtime on the Sunday, which gave a nice break to the chocolate guzzling!    

I actually had not one but two eggs this year – I don’t usually get any!  I won them from Magnum.   They were huge, and beautiful chocolate.   My 3 boys – hubby included were happy to help demolish them – sad to admit it, but I’m not too much of a chocolate eater either, I like chocolates,  but chocolate by itself, does little for me.     M also had an extra egg this year, for winning the Easter bonnet parade for his class.   I was so proud of him, as he did actually make it himself – some kids hats are so obviously parent made, it was a mass shredded tissue paper,  to look likely nest, with a cuddly chick sat on top.   He was totally made up and proud of his own achievement.

Monday Hubby was back to work, so we didn’t get to any of the National Trust egg hunts this year.  Last year the boys ended up with their picture in the paper when we were at Crashes castle.    Maybe I’m a coward, but to take the boys to a woods, full of strangers is not something I would contemplate by myself.

It was a nothing too much Easter weekend, and that was great, because sometimes just having some down time can work wonders.  I hope yours was as peaceful.


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