Red Nose Day!


Happy Red Nose Day, or to give it the proper title, Comic Relief day.

Of all the national charity days, I think that Comic Relief is my favourite. There is a sense of fun about it, rather than the guilt trip the other main one seems to use. People of all walks of life seem to get behind today, and the run up to it, with various events that raise vast amounts of money, and help countless people, both in Africa, and also here in the UK.

For a long time, my boys attended dance class – – organised by SCILL –, every Saturday morning. These classes were an amazing experience for them, giving them the opportunity to interact with other kids with additional needs, and learn self-expression through the music and movement. These classes were directly subsidized by Comic Relief, and therefore we can say with all honesty that the money raised, does make a difference to people in this country. It certainly gave my boys the chance to do something they would otherwise have not had available to them.   I suppose like many people I had been slightly sceptical about where the money went, until I saw it in action.

The school is constantly sticking their hand out to raise money for different things. The parent associations, do amazing work, but at the end of the day, us, like many families, don’t have an endless supply of money for all the things they ask us to contribute towards. This week, both boys came home with letters wanting a couple of pounds for in class activities, and while on their own they don’t seem much, when these notes come home regularly, along with the constant fund-raising to revamp the playground, you feel a bit mean when you have to say to your children we have to draw the line somewhere. I think the present administration at the school is well aware they have to be careful not to go into over kill therefore with adding additional events that are again asking us to put our hands in our pockets. There are of course a few events, that I think everyone would be shocked if the kids weren’t asked to do something for, and Comic Relief is one of them.

Today therefore is a dress down day for the kids, for which they are asked to put a pound in for the charity – this does annoy me a little as the school has a uniform, but it is not compulsory, so the kids could actually wear what they liked every day for free!!! This year the tag line for the event is make a funny face, and so the kids have also been allowed to decorate themselves!

D loves dressing up, and has an almost obsession for having his face painted. He therefore was more than happy to get involved with this. He has spent the last few days coming up with the weird and the wonderful, as ideas for how he should looked. While D is a VERY strong-willed person, he is also extremely intelligent, and so once I pointed out that if he had make-up all over his face, for the whole day, it would end up on everything, he thought for a while and then agreed that he would rein in his ideas. He there decided he would just have a moustache, and goatee beard – the kids seem to be really obsessed with the logo of a moustache just now, but being an old fogey, I don’t get why! I think it is really coming to something when your main priority of a morning, is getting your 7-year-old sons make-up right!



Then he added his nose.


I was quite happy with how well it turned out, and I must say I think it suits him!!!!

M on the other hand didn’t want to get made-up.   He did buy his red nose, but I doubt it will see his face at school.     He has enough problem coping with the idea of not wearing uniform.   It took us almost an hour last night for him to decide what to wear, and ended up with his favourite t-shirt, and joggers, which if I had put out without asking him, would have been the wrong thing.    I am just glad we decided to sort it out before bedtime, or we might have been very late to school.      He was up a couple of times in the night, being confused and agitated, and I am putting this down to the thought of today being different.       When we got to school this morning, he wandered around the playground with his head down, muttering to himself.    Seeing people in some wild costumes was obviously disturbing him .   I am just hoping he settled once he got to class.

I hope today is a great success for all those involved, and they make plenty of money to help people both at home and abroad.   I also hope those that are having a problem involving themselves in the activities are given the space they need to observe from the side-lines.


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