Super Epic Dan


The boys have always loved technology. Like many children, they could and do, know more about how the computer, tablets, etc than I ever will. It is important that they feel comfortable in this area as, it is their future. When I was at school, there was one computer in the school, and that was in the maths department, and only the teachers got to use it. The boys have technology classes at school, and are more comfortable with a keyboard and mouse, than with a pan and paper.

M is more your observer, and spends far too many hours watching Stampy and Squid – if you know any child who likes Minecraft, you will know who these guys are! However, by watching these he has become quite the expert, and when playing, he has quite amazing ideas, D on the other hand is a doer. The problem there though, is that he is also a perfectionist, which means he suffers a lot when he doesn’t achieve to the standards he expects to. We have had many meltdowns as a result of dying in a game, and he just cant control his emotional side, and doesn’t understand that it’s just a game. It is hard for him, as he loves the games and is very good with them. It is lovely to see when he just gets stuck and calls on M to help him, because of his superior knowledge. D also likes to watch the gamers on YouTube, but not to the obsesses level that M does.

He decided a while ago, that he would like to become a gamer as a job. I think he sees it as an easy way to make a living, and we didn’t take it that seriously. Then he started pretending to recording when he was playing. We had to be quiet while he talked his way through what he was doing. He loved doing it, and it was great to see the fun he was having. Then when he started playing online on his X-box, he would be giving advice to people he was playing with. He seemed totally at ease doing it. He continued saying he wanted to be a YouTuber, or rather when he was talking, it was when he becomes one.

Hubby decided to let him have a go recording on his tablet. He was in his element, and to be honest he was quite good. Then of course the nagging started to publish it online. Hubby looked into it, and it seemed simple to do.

Super Epic Dan was then born!

He has now published a few Vlogs about the life of a young Aspergers boy. He’s also done a couple of videos about how to play Minecraft. He has had far more views than anyone was expecting and is totally made up about it. He has even had his teacher at school making comment on it about his excellent IT skills.

I am really proud of him. I am also a little worried, and will be monitoring what he is saying and posting. I suppose I am nervous that he might get himself into trouble – after all the nastiness I had when I first started blogging. He isn’t known for his tact so he might need to be reined in occasionally. For now though he is loving it, and doing brilliantly. He’s already asked for editing software for his birthday!

If you’d like to have a look at his site, it is . I’m not asking you to look, but I’m having a mega proud Mummy moment.


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