Happy Anniversary Hubby.


Today is our 12th Wedding anniversary. Time flies as they say. During this time we have had ups and downs, but always come out the other side smiling – you have to!

Hubby and I had an unconventional meeting – or it was at the time, these days far more common. We met online – so yes, it is true about all the strange people you meet on the internet!! We were just in a forum chat room, being the Geeks we are, talking about Star Trek, as you do, nothing too unusual. We then often talked, until we looked for each other, finding more and more in common – a love of ice-hockey, and all thing Canadian. We became online friends, but with him living in the North of Scotland, and me in the South of England, it was never going to be more than that, and to be honest I don’t think either of us were thinking it would be. This was Easter time in 2002, and by the Summer, we had not only met up, but got engaged! Some times, no matter what the obstacles, you have to just go for things, and considering both of us are quite reserved people, we must have both known it just had to be done. The cost of a long distant relationship wasn’t good – I think we earned a lot of frequent flyer points, until I put my house on the market, handed in my notice, and told my Mum she was moving to Aberdeen! Hubby meanwhile was planning our wedding – all I had to do was agree – or not, what he was organising. My Mother-in-law to be had been a seamstress, so she made my dress, and it was beautiful. Hubby was house hunting, as I looked for properties online – I have to say, the house we finally bought, was one I found from 550 miles away, and I didn’t actually see it in person until we had bought it! So by the end of 2002 we were living in Aberdeenshire. I started work, managing a bakery & coffee shop in the January of 2003, and in the February we were married. It was definitely what you would call a whirlwind romance, and many people were quite negative because of how we had met. Our response then, and still is, that the way we met, meant we became friends first, we took time to get to know each other. Yes, we didn’t do the dating, that traditional relationships go through, but putting it bluntly, we knew we were compatible before the bedroom became involved, and too many relationships fail because that part of it takes priority over who the people really are.

We went to Toronto for our honeymoon, because Hubby had said when we were just friends, that he would take me to see the Maple Leafs, and he kept his promise. To say it was cold was an understatement, and watching the water freeze over Niagara Falls was pretty amazing to see. It was an experience, and we have promised the boys we will take them there at some point – we might have to save up for a long time!!

Thank you for being there for me Old Man – that isn’t so old (what D calls him!), its been a journey, and there is much further to go.



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