February Mid-term.


The boys have been having their February mid-term break this last few days. It is only a few weeks since they went back in January, and yet, they were more than ready for it.

Every year that I have been a school attending Mum, there has been playground comment about this holiday, and how strange it actually is. For me, growing up, the February holiday was always a straight week, and from what I understand from friends in England, there, it still is. Here however, it is a mis-match of days lumped together. Last week, Thursday and Friday were holiday days, Monday of this week, was an occasional day, and Tuesday, Wednesday, were in-service (teacher training) days – I am sure if that’s not how it broke down, I will be corrected! What most parents seem to comment on, is that if they are adding the days, to give the kids 5 days off, then why don’t they do it Monday to Friday, to give people a chance to use the week – although I have heard of a few people who are away, and therefore their kids were taken out of school, either last week, of this.     It just seems very strange to split it over the two weeks.

As with all breaks in routine, it can be hard on the boys, but to have 2 weeks that aren’t right because they aren’t at school for either full week, kind of makes its even harder for them to cope. We have therefore had some amazing meltdowns and tantrums – I use both phrases as I am sure not all episodes have been autism related.

M seems to have coped better than D this time round. I do wonder if it is because he was already in such a bad place before he broke up, that he didn’t have as far to go to be at his usual holiday gloom, or if he genuinely has coped better. It might sound terrible but he has spent a great deal of time on the computer, watching the minecraft videos he loves. It makes him happy, and happy kids make happy Mum. He can lose himself when watching them, and he seems to be in a nice place.

D has been far more agitated. He has had some purely delightful, loving moments, and some utterly horrendous nasty times, there has been little in between with his behaviour. He has played a lot on the X-bow. Again, if he has something that he is loving and keeping him content why rock it?!

Now, I am not saying all they did all the time they were off was sat in front of screens, but when they are feeling happy when doing that, I will let them for probably more than is advisable.

Hubby took a few days off, so spent a lot of time with them. The weather has been cool but bright, so the trampoline got its first few work outs for the year – it does amaze me how they can bounce for hour upon hour, as I feel sick just trying to get on there! They also took a walk to the community woodland in the town. It still doesn’t look much, but the children have an affinity with it, as the school has been involved with the tree planting over the past couple of years, so it is something they feel part of, and they want to see their trees growing and prospering.

On Tuesday, being pancake day, the boys helped me in the kitchen as we prepared things. They had great fun tossing them, although, I think we lost about half  as they missed the pan on the return – I am sure the birds were grateful for their extra special meal that day!! When talking about what we would give up for lent, there were the usual things banded about, chocolate, crisps, fizzy juice, but D’s suggestion made us all laugh when he said he wanted to give up school!

D and I spent some time looking at our Chinese cookbooks, deciding what to make for Chinese New Year, and he asked if we could make fortune cookies for him to take to school. We had a great laugh thinking up fortunes, and they were all ones he came up with, although I had to write them for him as he couldn’t write small enough. I just hope his teacher thinks they’re funny, as there were a few about things like not doing homework!!! Anyway, both of us had rather sore fingers after trying to fold the hot cookies. I am not sure how edible they will be, as I think they weren’t really thin enough, but the taster bits were quite yummy!

Today is back to school day. Or rather, today was meant to be back to school day. M was complaining of a sore tummy at bedtime last night, and I just assumed he was trying to get out of going back to school, that was until about 2am, when he came through still complaining, and then just managed to get to the bathroom before being sick. That is therefore him off for the rest of the week. D, as you can imagine, wasn’t impressed when he learned that M wasn’t going to school, and he was, but after a little bit of arguing, he went in.

There are now only a few weeks until the Easter holidays. In fact, just enough time for them to get their heads back in the right place to learn, when they start the unwind again. Until then, the routine of school make the boys calmer, even if not happier!!!!


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