When things start happening….


After weeks, if not months of nothing happening, and major worry and upset of that, it seems everything is happening at once.      I commented here about how my Mother had been left to fester with no help – https://jas2jar.wordpress.com/2015/01/27/catching-up/, and then everything seems to have happened at once.

The occupational therapist that had visited her before, saying nothing could be done until they knew what the consultant was suggested, suddenly sprung into action, and then some.    I can only praise how helpful she has been once her hands have been untied and she has been allowed to move things on.

She came back to see Old Person, and went through a course of action she thought would be the best.     It all sounded wonderful, but after years of knowing how slowly things happen with getting help for the boys, we expected nothing to be heard of for some time.


The next day she reappears with the local blacksmith, to get a second railing put by the front door, to allow getting her out of the house to be easier.      It has been measured, and we now have to wait for it to be made and fitted.

We then got a phone call from the Department of Work and Pensions, who would send someone out to go through any benefits she was entitled to, and help fill in any paperwork.       Again, something the OT had arranged.      The lady came 2 days later, and took copious notes, and filled in reams of paperwork, which will go away to be processed.

The third and for me the most important thing, a man came to measure for fitting a stair lift.    This will make life so much safer for everyone – just now I am having to walk behind Old Person, and physically be moving her feet on to each step, not the safest of journeys morning and evening.    This freedom will mean she doesn’t have to go to bed when the boys do for fear of the noise we make moving her on the stairs.      I can’t wait!!!!     They are going to have to put in a power socket, as our house is sorely lacking in them, and then it will be fitted.

Okay, all these things are just first steps, and nothing has actually happened, but they are all amazing first steps which we were not expecting to have happened so soon.    We may have to wait for the work to be completed, but getting the plans agreed and in the system, is very impressive in such a short space of time!!!

The OT did make me laugh, when she suggested to Old Person that she get her information about local clubs that could socialize her.      If she only knew that I have spent the last 12 years – since we moved here, trying to get her out of the house and to meet people but to no effect.    She told the OT that she doesn’t like old people!!!!    You have to laugh, as she is 88 years old!      I would love her to go to something out of the house, as I think it would do her good to interact with people more her own age.    On a far more selfish note, I would love for her to go out at least one afternoon a month, just to give me a little freedom to be Jane rather than carer for a couple of hours.     At the moment I can’t even pop to the supermarket for more than half an hour because she’s not safe on her own.        Getting her interacting will continue to be work in progress, and something I will continue to push for her.      Not that I really hold out much hope!!!

So for now, we are feeling positive.       Help is moving in a more positive direction.       It may take time to see the fruits of these actions but at least we know they will happen and it will make life for us all somewhat less difficult.

I will continue reading and researching, and taking advice in the mean time, so we can all improve our quality of life.


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