Lack of joined up thinking.


My Mum is still in bed, and it looks as if she will be that way for a while!

The community nurses have been visiting her every day to change the dressing on her abscess wound, and they are very happy with how that is healing. It is the rest of her health there seems to be some confusion over. One of the nurses has been very helpful with trying to get someone to take her mobility issues sorted, but the wheels of the NHS move very slowly, or that’s the way it is feeling right now.

The physio was unable to do anything for her, as it is not a problem with the muscles but with the bones. the zimmer frame though has been a god send as it has meant she is now able to drag herself along the passage to the toilet during the day – at night she is using the commode they supplied as it is safer than her trying to move about when she is not fully awake.

Then she received a letter from the orthopaedic department, stating that she had said she was unavailable until after 22 December! This of course was total nonsense, as she had said she would go in with little notice – I had gone into her pre-op appointment with her, to make sure she wasn’t confused, so I know exactly what was said then. The nurse arrived just after the letter, and she said she would take it to the surgery and have it looked into.

Yesterday evening, I was just about to serve tea, when a sour faced Doctor arrives. She barked that she was here to see my Mum, and I showed her up the stairs. When she came back down, she said she was surprised that Old Person was not as unwell as she had been led to believe! This just shocked me. How can an 88-year-old, that is in so much pain she is not getting out of bed meant to look? The doctor did however agree to request x-rays of the hip, but we are not to expect them immediately. I just want to know how they expect me to get her down the stairs, and into a car, where she will sit for over half and hour, to get her to the hospital for x-rays. They are going to need to send an ambulance for her to attend. When I went up to see Old Person after the doctor had left, she was quite upset by the way the way she had spoken to. She said that the doctor had stood at the foot of her bed, arms folded and told her to explain why she was in bed! It makes me so angry this lack of care and consideration to anyone, but to someone of that age who has never taken to her bed before, it is totally out-of-order. My only assumption was that the Doctor was not happy at a nurse having told her that a patient needed to be seen. Internal politics are not part of anyones game, but getting better is!

This morning there was a phone call, from the surgery to say the doctor had checked on when the operation would happen, and it would be January at the earliest. Three months from now! That’s just not acceptable, and I told the person on the phone this. She said she was just relaying information, and if I wanted to speak directly to the hospital about it, then I could. I of course made that phone call immediately! I was told the system stated that Old Person had said she wasn’t available this year, and that was why January was being spoken about and that it had been specified she would only have one particular surgeon. I said that to be pain-free and mobile again she would go in this afternoon and let the cleaner do it! The person I was talking to laughed! She said she would correct the information on the system and speak to her supervisor about it. I was so angry by the time I put the phone down, I was close to tears – I can’t help it, when I get upset, I can’t help but get emotional. About half an hour later I got another call. This time, I am told that until she has had a heart scan at the end of this month, they cant put her on the system as being eligible for the operation, as until the results of that are known, she is seen as unfit. I explained that she had this done 2 weeks ago when she had the abscess drained, and therefore did she need another one? Apparently the information from that hasn’t yet been loaded onto the system, and until it is, they will assume she will attend for a heart scan on the 29th.

I put the phone down totally exasperated. If we had just taken her to A&E when this first started, we would have at least got somewhere by now, but by using the system correctly, we are being messed about by absolutely everyone. Nobody wants to take responsibility to get her up and about. I seriously wonder if the attitude is that at her age, if they leave it long enough she will be dead before they actually have to do anything.

I will give it another day to hear about the x-rays then I am going to start making a nuisance of myself, calling the surgery every day, and asking for doctors to come out to see her, until somebody actually does something.

The boys break up for holidays on Friday, and it will be so unfair on them if I say nobody can come around to play because of disturbing their Granny. We are also meant to be going on holiday the second week, and while Hubbys Mum has said she will come over and babysit Old Person for us, she isn’t exactly in the best of health to be up and down the stairs with meals and drinks, let alone asking her to empty the commode. It will break the boys hearts if we have to rethink our plans, but it’s looking that way at the moment.

I just wish someone would make a decision to do something, otherwise we might just have to find some way of getting her to the hospital and saying sort her out. It is just so frustrating.


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