Always a silver lining.


I am so tired at the moment, I could very easily just sit down and do nothing, in between the running up and down the stairs to my Mother. I have however decided I need to keep going or I will take forever to regain any momentum on things.

I have been making cheese at a steady pace. With the number of friends that have asked to try it, I need to make sure I have some for everyone or I am going to be in trouble. There is something really satisfying about the cheese making. To turn something as simple as a bottle of milk into a different product with just some time and patience, and the right chemicals, is something else. I am sure my school chemistry teacher would be horrified to think of me mixing any chemicals, let alone wanting a reaction which leads to something edible! If you missed my earlier ramblings about my cheese, they are here –

The other thing I am getting on with is sorting out the house. It is something I have been trying to do for such a long time, that I fear it is a job that has no end, and yet I am determined to give it my best shot. I have totally gutted the living room, removing all items that don’t belong there. I am shocked at how large the room is when it isn’t cluttered with toys, and shoes, and anything else nobody can be bothered to put away! A friend popped in for coffee yesterday morning, and actually commented on how nice the room looked – some might have taken that badly as it usually looks a tip, but I had to agree with her, that decluttering was making me feel good!

Today I started on the dining room. In our house this room flows from the living room, and is also the home for the computer and pets – turtles and fish. It amazes me that nobody thinks dumping things on the window ledge doesn’t look right, but I have removed so much stuff I am shocked. I have even dared to throw out some of Old Persons plants that clutter the place – not the nice looking ones, but the ones that have seen better days. It is amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it, and when you have nobody under your feet to distract you!

Before all the problems over the last few weeks, I had started tiling the kitchen. I have now put this job on hold, as I don’t want to be covered in grouting and up a ladder should I get upstairs shouting for attention. The bit I have done does look good, and makes the room look so much cleaner and fresher. Ideally I would love to rip out the whole kitchen and start again, but finances wont stretch to that just now, so it is a case of making it look good and hoping it will last!

The areas of the house not touched are looking messier and messier as I move things from one place to another, but I think if eventually they have found no home then they will be going in the charity bag or the bin. Ruth is no longer welcome in my house as I am removing anything that isn’t used or needed – I think Hubby better not sit still for too long or he might be out!!!!!!!!

I have never been a half full or a half empty person, but instead, I believe that whats in the glass is more important. Right now, I might be tied to caring for my mother, but it has given me a perfect opportunity to get a shift on with all the jobs that need doing in the house.


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