Its been a while.


I have really neglected and missed  my ramblings here. It seems that life has got in the way of sitting down and thinking about it. I suppose that’s a good thing really, to live life is so much more rewarding than just pondering it.

The school summer holidays came and went. They were pretty uneventful. Now, many people would find that a little bit of a let down, but in a family where ASD is the master of the house, uneventful is a major plus.

We went away to the Lake District for a week with the boys. The weather was marvellous, which always makes everything better, but it is such a beautiful part of the country, that even in the rain it is magical. Hubby and I have been there several times before, so it was nice to share it with the children. We did stay at Haven. We thought this was the best option for the boys as it was a style of environment they know and enjoy, with characters they trust. Having this style of familiar surroundings, made going to a new place much easier for them. It was a lovely family break which we all came back totally chilled from.

The rest of the holidays seemed to fly past. We did a bit of out and about, but once the weather turned, the boys were happy to stay in. They have discovered Stampy. For those of you that don’t have children, Stampy is a guy that plays video games, and posts his endeavours to YouTube. We had monitored very closely this type of thing before, as the language of some people doing this can be totally unsuitable for children, but with Stampy, he pitches it perfectly to his audience, with only an occasional “bloody”, but I’ve heard nothing worse. Both boys can watch him for hours, and they are creasing themselves up at it. It is lovely to hear, especially from M who has the most infectious laugh, which sadly isn’t heard often enough.

The summer was over too quickly. I think the boys enjoyed their break, but if it had been any longer they would probably have been getting quite restless. I would actually go as far as to say that it was the best time off school either of them have spent.

School is now back in full swing, and I will catch you up on that another day.


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