Back to Health Square One.


I have now completed all the tests that were to discover what was wrong with me – now now, I don’t need that level of cheek!

My heart scan came back to say I had a happy healthy heart.    That’s very reassuring to know!

My colonoscopy came back to say there was nothing wrong with my lower tubes, other than the usual wear and tear that everyone gets as they get older.

My blood tests said my cholesterol was within accepted parameters. My blood sugar level was fine. I think these are the ones that annoy the doctor most as a fat person should have high cholesterol and be border line diabetic so they can preach to them about not following a healthy lifestyle, but I’m happy to report they are all fine.

The one problem seems to be that despite tasking the highest dose of iron tablets they are allowed to prescribe for the past three months, my iron levels are still ridiculously low. The GP has been wonderful and been honest that she is running out of ideas. She tested me for coeliac having read a paper saying they was a tentative link between unexplained anemia and gluten intolerance, but that came back negative. With the tests showing I had nothing bleeding in my internal tubes we were totally back to square one. There I sat having spent the past 30 year being anemic, but the one difference this time was I had a doctor who was trying to find out why and that was quite reassuring. Her conclusion is two-fold. She believes because I don’t eat much meat and rarely red meat, my diet just doesn’t contain enough iron to sustain healthy blood. She also thinks that I may just have a body that doesn’t absorb iron effectively, and therefore the little I am getting just is not being processed effectively. She went through the types of food that would be good to add to my diet, and every single one of them I was rejecting as things I didn’t like! I wasn’t being awkward just food I genuinely do not like. She said she was going to speak to somebody at the hospital about it, as it may mean I could get iron injections which would get into my system better. We will see if anything comes of that!

We then went through the list she had asked me to think about of all my unexplained symptoms to see if they could maybe throw light on what was going on with my blood.

The first one was something I had done some research on as it is something that makes people laugh when I mention it, and I wanted to see if she agreed with my findings. When I take caffeine, I don’t get a buzz, but it makes me really tired to the point of two cups of coffee have me wanting to curl up and go to sleep. I therefore try to take decaffeinated whenever possible – I have become addicted to redbush tea as it tastes so much better than traditional black tea! My research had said that this could have been connected to my anemia, and the doctor agreed. It seems that caffeine is a vasoconstictor (it shrinks your blood vessels) thereby, it increases your heart rate and blood pressure. Because my blood is lacking to start with, making it move faster, just makes me tired!
I suppose that makes sense!!!

My inability to drink still water was one that she said is far more common than people would imagine! Because I have excessive stomach acid it is affected by the water, just like throwing water on a fire, it makes the acid flare up! Now I know!!!

All the other symptoms I was describing, she agreed with me are probable age related. My Mum went through the change mid-40’s so it’s possible I’m starting that. She gave me some tablets to calm my moods, and help with my headaches. We will see if they do anything. When you just feel odd for feeling under the weather all the time, but never really ill, it is good to know you aren’t going mad!!!    I know I am already mad, you don’t need to tell me that, I should have said madder.

For now, I will have to continue taking that iron pills and wait to see if there is anything else that the GP comes up with that might explain why I am so strange! I just like being an anomalie, after all, who wants to be just like everyone else?


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  1. So frustrating! I hope something comes of the iron injections – wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could have them and then discover all kinds of new energy! I’m in the midst of a course of iron and B12 supplements because my levels are low without explanation – we’ll see in a few weeks if that’s made any difference to my blood tests. I do think I’m feeling more energetic since I started the supplements. -Amy

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