Local Radio makes the day for 2 ASD boys.


I am a huge believer in local radio. I always have been. I want to listen to good tunes, and know whats happening with the weather and travel in the area I’m in and I’m not caring if there is travel chaos at the other end of the country. Local radio is just great for that.

When I first moved to Aberdeenshire, there was just the one choice. It was a good station. I won several sets of cinema tickets from them over time! Then, my favourite DJ left – NO! It was OK, he was off to work at setting up a new station in the city. Since that day I have been a listener of Original FM, based in Aberdeen.

Like all local radio, it doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, and the DJ’s are local celebs, but on to the point of anyone who has listened to the station.    The music is great, with doses of Bryan Adams, Queen, and Genesis every day – totally my era!!

The other station seemed to go downhill, and many of its programmes were being fed from the central belt, so not exactly local. Then a few months back, the biggest shake up in broadcast media in the area, when the breakfast show host joined the newer station. I think this will have been a final nail in their coffin, as I have heard many people followed him with the ears, and retuned to the better station.

As I mentioned before, Hubby won a ridiculous prize on the radio a couple of weeks back. He won a months supply of baked beans – only on local radio can you get such brilliant prizes. He had to go to the station to collect the prize. The boys were desperate to go with him, and so on Friday after school, we all trundled past Original Towers.

I stayed in the car while they went in. they seemed to be in there for ages, and then they reappeared carrying a dozen cans of Heinz beans. D was beaming. He could barely get the words out he was so excited – “McCruvie let us go into the studio!” – the guy is so famous locally, he doesn’t need a first name!     And then he flashed Hubbys phone at me where they had their picture taken with him!


M was also really excited, but to him, he had met the guy who does the commentary at the local ice-hockey, and not undoubtedly the most famous person on local radio in the area, and on the local comedy circuit!

When we got home, they wanted to have the picture printed off, and both boys took copies of it to school on Monday to show their teachers. D said he had to tell his class about it, but as usual M didn’t elaborate on what he did or said about the picture!

Those few minutes of taking time to talk to 2 ASD boys was amazing for them. They were very excited at the time, and still are. They are both already loyal listeners – because I have the radio on all day in the house, but since Friday, every presenter they have heard, they have asked if it is “their friend” McCruvie. To him it was nothing to take them into the studio and show them all the buttons, but for them, it was an experience they will not forget in a long time!

Once again, local radio makes an impact. But, if I see another baked bean, I might just scream!!!!


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  1. What a great blog Jane! So glad the boys enjoyed seeing the studios. Take them back in any time. And thanks for being a loyal listener of Original 106. You totally get what we’re all about!

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