Cleaning, and decluttering!


Having lost the first three months of the year with my trips to hospital and then D’s, I am playing catch-up big time in the house, trying to get it cleaned and tidied.      I am working really hard at the moment to sort the house out but some days you wonder why as nobody has noticed what I have done, or cares enough not to leave things where they do not live.

The problem is the more I try to get sorted the more mess I seem to be making, and this demotivates me.     I have therefore been trying to find a way to organise myself to getting it done.    I need to get my head into a place where I can complete the tasks at hand and then we will have a home that doesn’t always look like a pig sty gone bad!     It is a lofty goal, but one that I can happily strive towards.

With both deep cleaning and decorating jobs to do I have been thinking about the best way to tackle it.    I decided the deep cleaning was the priority, and everything else could go on a list!    You know how much I love my lists!!!

I decided I had to be logical, but without ruth as I tackled the house.    I thought the best thing to do was to pick a place and work outwards from it, so it was the front door that I began.     I cleaned and polished the front vestibule, and removed all the coats that were hanging up.   Why we all need so many coats there I don’t understand, and more amazing was that old person had 5 coats hanging up, and she rarely leaves the house!!      They all got washed, and most were put away in wardrobes.      Then I tackled the shoe rack.     It was a nightmare!       I put all those that were the boys in a row in the passage and had them try them on – I then threw away 4 pairs that went nowhere near the feet of either of them!     Curtains were taken down and washed.   I was really proud of my first day of hard work!      Then everyone came home, and shoes were flung in a pile, coats weren’t hung up.   I could have cried, but instead told them the new rules that now the area was tidy, that was the way I expected it to stay!     It has taken a week, but last night, M came home from school and put his shoes into the shoe rack without being asked!!!    Mentally thumping the air!!   I just have to get Hubby and D to do the same now.

I moved down the passage to the area under the stairs where the toys live!     They have too many toys, it is as simple as that.     They don’t play with half of them, but if I suggest they go in the charity bag, then all hell breaks loose.   I therefore have to remove items when nobody is looking and then feign ignorance if six months later anyone asks if it has been seen!!!      I pulled out all the puzzles and games from the shelves and filled a bag with everything I deemed to no longer by age appropriate.        Nothing has as yet been missed, so I think I haven’t thrown out anything they love too much!

Today I started on the living room.    I have so far picked up about 1000 pieces of Lego, and 500 bits on knex!      They are going to be so excited when they see how full their boxes are!      I think I might have to wait until next week to pull out all of the DVDs and remove those they no longer watch, as I can’t do that when they are about!

My maintainance list is getting longer by the minute with painting and decorating jobs that I have put off for far too long.    But, if they are on the list then that’s half the job done isn’t it?    No?   Oh well, I will just have to look at knocking a few of the jobs off, but getting rid of all the unwanted clutter is my main priority.    Luckily this week we have had 4 charity bags in – well, three pretend charities, and 1 real one, so I will be able to pass on all these no longer loved treasures when that is collected.     In the mean time, I must remove some more dirty and rubbish from this midden we call home!



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