Fudge brownies.


I came across a recipe that sounded so good I had to try it.      You know when you read a recipe and your mouth starts to drool as you imagine the flavours, well, this was one of those recipes.

It was for Chocolate Brownies – another cut out recipe from my pile, so I am unable to credit the original author as I would like, because this is a brilliant recipe.     I think we have all tried making brownies at one time or another, and they either go too dry, or they are so gooey they are barely cooked.    These though have the perfect amount of goo, and whats better, they are gluten-free.   With D’s best friend unable to eat anything with gluten, I am learning to have standby recipes on hand should he be here!    When I tried this recipe, I did give some of the finished produce to my G/F expert, namely the best friends Mum, and she gave them a thumbs up!

280g caster sugar

60g cocoa

125g butter – melted –  I actually used oil instead.

4 eggs

100g ground almonds

Mix the sugar and cocoa.

Add the butter/oil.

Using an electric whisk, add eggs one at a time, beating well.

Mix in the almonds.

Bake in a prepared tin at 180c for 22 minutes.

Allow to cool in the tin before removing and cutting into 16 pieces.

With the nuts, these are obviously not for allergy sufferers in that department, and definitely not for the dieters with the sugar and volume of eggs.     I did try to make them with sugar substitute, and they were quite dry by comparison to the proper recipe.   I might have to experiment with them to see if I can make a less dangerous for the diet version!

When I made them, I told none of my three boys they contained nuts as they wouldn’t have eaten it – they all say they don’t like nuts, but are happy to eat them hidden which is a good thing as with M not being a huge meat-eater and it’s a way of getting protein into him.     The brownies were demolished within seconds!     So, in hindsight maybe I should have told them they had nuts in then there would have been more for me!

This recipe is definitely being written into my keep folder, and I think it will be one I make again and again.


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