The school fayre.


There are few things in a year that the kids value above all else, Christmas and Birthdays are of course at the top of the list, but closely behind them is the social event of the school calendar – the school spring fayre!     It is so important for all the children that there is no keeping them from it.    Last year, M was poorly and couldn’t make it, and it really was an end of the world moment for him.

The fayre is always held at the beginning of May, and it is the major fundraiser for the year.     The money the PSA raise at events goes towards helping for the extras for the school, I suppose you might say the fun stuff rather than the nitty-gritty day-to-day life of the school.     While I often complain about the amount of notes that come home for the kids to take in money for this or that fundraiser, at the end of the day, it is for the kids to have a much happier experience of school, so ultimately worth it.

A couple of year back the fayre was on Hubbys birthday, and as he doesn’t really enjoy the event, he was loathed to go, but the boys insisted and he was bought a burger by the boys as his birthday treat!!!!

Because everyone connected to the school attends the event, as do many in the wider community, we have to pick our time carefully, so it isn’t too busy – not that there is ever a quiet time from the moment it opens to the moment it closes.      We were therefore at the school on Saturday in time for the opening ceremony at 10am.     Usually at a weekend, the boys are up usual time, but it can still be hard work getting them into clothes in time to leave the house to get to dancing at midday, but this week they were mythering to go out from about 8:30am!

The fayre is a mixture of local traders with their wares, as well as things like tombolas, and toy stalls, all of which the kids were encouraged to take things in for during the preceding week.    They actually had a brilliant way to get donations for the chocolate tombola, and that was to have a dress down day, and they didn’t ask for money, but something for the stall!   Needless to say the amount of chocolate at the stall was obscene!    But it was ok, as both boys won on two out of their three tickets!

M flitted around from room to room – many of the classroom are used for stalls, and didn’t really want to look at much.    I think even with the event being relatively quiet at this stage, for him the whole thing is wrong.    He got very flappy when we entered his classroom, and it wasn’t how it should be.     It must be a very stressful situation for him to have the familiar changed without him really comprehending it.   I am sure he will have inspected his classroom this morning to make sure it was back how it should be.

D on the other hand was very into it, and had his hand out for money at every stall we passed.      During the morning there were various television and film characters wandering around that the kids could have their pictures taken with for a donation.    D loves all this sort of thing, even though he is happy to tell you he knows they aren’t real and there is a person inside.    The first two characters were Curious Geroge, and Peppa pig.   He was delighted at this prospect, as George is a firm favourite in this household, and not just with the kids.    However, when he saw the Peppa Pig, he was petrified, as it was quite a disturbing costume, and so he didn’t go near George!       The Peppa costume just didn’t look quite right, and yet the George one was perfect!

Having learned in previous years to make sure I can carry everything home, I went armed with a shopping bag, but by the time they had visited the toy stall – more Star Wars and Angry Birds puzzles, and the home-bakes, it was overflowing!

I saw several Mums I hadn’t seen for ages and caught up with a lot of gossip, and new babies!      The weather was dodgy early in the morning, but it cleared up enough for the outside activities such as the displays by the local pipe band, and Jazzercise to take over the playground.

I had spent  a small fortune, but it was all in a good cause, and the boys were happy.      There is a huge amount of work put into an event like this by the organisers, and to be honest I don’t know how they do it, but it is a good job they do because without their hard work, the children would miss out on so many of the fun things, like the pantomime at Christmas, and the end of years trips.        Events like this bring together the community at the school which with the every growing role can sometimes be strained.    It is a great thing.


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