A busy year!


It is just over a year since ASD Mummy with issues was born.   I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my ramblings.    I am truly humbled everytime I see my stats.    My writing is purely about me and for me, so when I am told things I say mean something or are relatable it makes me very proud.

Writing a blog was something I never imagined I would do as I find spelling so difficult and without spell checker, I readily admit nobody would understand what I am trying to say – even with it I am sure it doesn’t always make sense.

I started writing to help myself when I hit rock bottom a couple of years back.   I had a wonderful Gp who helped as much as she could but the waiting list for counselling was so long I was advised I needed someone I could talk to.   I had nobody!   The people around me were great but I am a closed person as talking about my feelings isn’t something I am comfortable doing.     I read other blogs and thought while I felt I had nothing others would read it was a way of letting my feelings.     I was very angry and upset with the world and this came out it what I wrote.    I got into a lot of trouble with the school as I was over honest with how i felt about the way the boys had been treated.   It resulted in me being called to the heads office and told many teachers were worried about the things I had said!   I was mortified I had caused upset to anyone.  It had never been my intention to do that.  I instantly deleted everything I had written and wanted to crawl into a hole.  It really depressed me.    I became very withdrawn.     

After a few weeks I realised writing had helped me to organise my thoughts.  I decided I would come back and think carefully before I pressed publish.

The difference being able to let things go was amazing.    I felt better and if nobody read me it didn’t matter, my writing was for me.  

A year on, and I have many people who regularly interact with me.   I have learned a lot as a result of writing.

I will continue to ramble as I see fit.   Please say hello, and comment if you want to.   It’s good to know you’re there.  Thank you x


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