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The World of Neil

Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of my dad’s death. A lot of water has
passed under the bridge since then, so I’m not going to dwell on it. I miss
my dad of course, but 32 years is a lifetime, and you just have to move
forward in the end. But it was the reaction I got from Daniel that was the
most interesting bit of the day. I’d said to him that a long time ago on
that day was when my dad died. Now, Daniel is one of the deepest thinking
little boys I know – if not the deepest thinker. He thought about what I’d
said and then started asking questions. “Did he need to lie in peace and
quiet before he died, and was he by himself?” I said yes, and no that my
mum and granddad were with him when he died. Then he asked…

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