Return to dancing.


Both boys love music.    I take full responsibility for this, as I have the radio on in the kitchen from the moment I get up until the moment I go upstairs in the evening.     There is always our local radio station blaring out.      Being a local radio station, it is a mixture of music they play, but mostly the 80’s and 90’s.      The boys have learned to love some really great music and M is a self-confessed Bryan Adams fan – what can I say other than that the boy has good taste!!!        The boys have Lego Rock Band for the w-ii and the songs they choose to do are ones that I have loved for years – Summer of ’69 being one they both know word-perfect, but they also do a great Crocodile Rock – Elton John, Free Falling – Tom Petty.    M also does quite the Freddie Mercury posing when he sings We will Rock you!

It is however dancing that they love even more.     M has amazing rhythm, and I would love to get him into proper dance classes, but the peer pressure is already hitting home when he says boys don’t do dance lessons!       D is never still and can shimmy like he just don’t care!

For the past couple of years, the boys have been doing dance classes run by SCILL- Deeside –     I have talked about these classes before –, and I really don’t apologise for mentioning them again.

Because of D’s operation on his knees, we had to knock a few activities on the head since the start of the year, and one of those was their beloved dance classes.      The lovely  Sue at SCILL kept the boys places on hold for us, and kept in contact about the start of the new term.     When I received the e-mail about the classes for after Easter, and spoke to the boys about going back, the excitement from both of them was overwhelming.   They had missed their Saturday trips to Banchory.   I must say, M had been very understanding why he had to drop out because D was unable to go.

Saturday was their first class back.     However the build up to it began earlier in the week.     Both boys were panicking that the teacher might have changed.    They love Miss Donna, who is so patient with all of the children, but at the same time she works them to make sure they are getting something out of the sessions.       We had long conversations from both boys about what if it was someone new.      I tried to explain to them both together and individually that I think if there had been a change of teacher I would have been told when I confirmed their return.      Neither of them would be comforted, it was as if they needed to worry about something.      Friday night, neither of them wanted to settle down.    They were a combination of excited and nervous  about the next morning.    M coughed his way through the night, something he does whenever he is nervous about something.

Both boys were very quiet on the journey, with D looking like thunder as he stared out the car window.     If we could harness M’s flapping power, we could have travelled the journey in a fraction of the time.

The boys got ready and in line to go into the dance studio as soon as we got there, despite having almost 10 minutes to wait.     They greeted other children they knew, and then D got cuddly.   He flung his arms around me and didn’t want to let go.     Then the door opened as the previous class had finished, and Miss Donnas beaming face greeted them.     M went bright red and his smile was as wide as his face, but all he said, more to himself than anyone else was, “it’s still the same!”       D started bouncing when he saw her, and mumbled something when she said it was good to see them back.      Then they were gone!

The class lasts for 45 minutes, and they come out all hot and sweaty looking as if they have had a good workout!      The parents are allowed to go into the last class of the block to see what our little darlings have been up to for the term!   Of course, if a child needs additional help through the class, the parents are allowed to go in with them at anytime, but the boys like the freedom of going in by themselves – although they must know we are sat outside the studio should they need us!!

Both boys had a lovely time, and despite next Saturday being D’s birthday, he is looking forward to going back.      It is great exercise for both boys, because they don’t realise they are doing it.   For them the sessions are a lot of fun, in an environment they aren’t bullied or judged, other than for being the only boys there.      They mix with kids with different conditions to theirs and are totally accepting that people are different and we all have things we need to deal with in life.   With so many things the boys have tried and not felt comfortable with, it is great they have an environment they feel so happy to be in.

Thank you SCILL – Deeside.




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