Aowwwww. I’ve got toothache!


My teeth has pretty much been a life long nightmare.    In fact when you think about it, teeth are one of the biggest design flaws of the human body.    

After a nightmare of treatment from one dentist, I finally found one who was going to be proactive in sorting out my dental problems.     He came up with a plan of action which would take about six months to complete.  Well, after additional work being needed we are now over a year since it all began.   All has gone well with the exception of one tooth which became assessed.   I have had antibiotics which while taking them calm the pain but as soon as I finish a course, the pain returns.     I have therefore had several courses of the drugs.

Monday I was due to return for an appointment to finally have root canal work done this problem tooth.    It had started nipping again this week, but I thought I can live on pain killers for a few days.    This was working well until I woke early hours of yesterday morning in excruciating pain.     My gum was badly swollen and the infection had obviously gone up a notch.    Hubby rang and got me an emergency appointment.    The dentist took one look at my swollen face and gave me a prescription for more antibiotics – these ones are so strong I even have to make sure my mouthwash is alcohol free!    He said while it was so infected he couldn’t do anything else for me.   He was concerned the antibiotics weren’t doing what they should and therefore thinks it may be a cyst rather than an absess.   He will therefore refer me to the dental hospital to have it explored.

When I got home I looked up what a tooth cyst actually meant and it doesn’t sound too nice so I won’t go into detail here as I don’t want to make you squirm.

This morning the swelling in my face is making me look even more peculiar than usual.  The sponges bit under my tongue is very enlarged as are my lips but the pain in is far more localised – yesterday the whole of my face hurt but today it’s just the right lower jaw, so while I still hurt its not in the same league!

Not sure what he will do on Monday, I suppose it all depends on if the infection has gone down anymore!   The one positive is the pain is making eating near impossible so my diet is going well!


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