Return to normality.


Today we return to normality.

While a lot of the country still have their feet up with the 4 day weekend, we are all back to the grind stone with Hubby returning to work and the kids back to school – there is much negative comment in the playground about the kids going back to-day here in the shire where the city kids have the day off.

These holidays seemed to have passed pretty easily, which is something I don’t often say after a two-week school break.     These shorter holiday usually really mess with M’s head because he just gets used to the change in routine before its time to get back to it.

During the first week, we kept ourselves busy with something planned for every day for the boys to do.    It is a very fine line to walk between keeping them busy enough to allow their minds to keep turning, but not so busy that they don’t realise they are meant to be chilling!

Week two was at Haven at Haggerston Castle.    It was a lovely break, and the weather was good, not warm, but dry and that’s what is important.    The boys love going to Haven.      It is great they have an environment they feel safe in.       I think we all enjoyed the break and came back feeling relaxed.

Now I am not saying we haven’t had our moments.    M has taken to keep telling D that he wishes he was in a grave.    I am not sure where this has come from, or where he might have heard something along these lines, but I find it totally vile, and punishments have been handed out accordingly.      D gets enough bullying out of the house, without feeling he gets more of the same when at home.   M has to learn quickly this type of comment is not acceptable.

D has been on an emotional rollercoaster in the past few days.     Something is worrying him but he doesn’t seem capable of vocalizing what it is.     He will sudden look really sad, and say he wants to cry.     He of course gets big hugs to make him feel safe and secure.   Sometimes this will calm him, but other times the tears have followed and he sobs uncontrollably.        He cant say what the matter is, just that he feels like crying.     Now, I am a great believer that a good cry can help to make things better, and so I would never tell him to stop crying, but it can be quite upsetting for me to see my baby breaking his heart with no rhyme or reason for it.       All we can do is let him have these moments in the hopes that they help him to sort out whatever is going on in his head so he can tell us when we he feels ready to do so.        This melancholy mood he is in, is also effecting his sleep.    Saturday night he was up three times, just needing cuddles  – I just need sleep at 3am, but he is always my priority.       It is so hard to know what to do or how to help him when he says he doesn’t know what is wrong.

Today the kids didn’t want to get organised for school.     M reluctantly got organised, but D was adamant he didn’t want to go as he doesn’t like school – that isn’t really the truth as he loves learning and totally adores his teacher, but his unhappiness is being thrown towards something tangible, and that is school.    I got him dressed and organised but walking up the road was a nightmare.   The walk takes a bout 5 minutes, but with the kids it’s usually 10, however this morning, M went on with the crowd we walk with, as D was in super go slow mood, and just held my hand as tightly as possible.       When I eventually got him into his line, he looked so sad that one Mum actually asked me what was wrong with him!     His head was down and he was focusing about the end of his nose.       I am sure once he was in and saw all of his friends he would have been fine, but it really tugs at your heart-strings to see your child looking so unhappy and knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

I am hoping they have both had a good day, and are ready to fight me over doing their homework!!!!

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