Water Baby


An important part of any holiday for the boys is spending time in the swimming pool.     We have tried to get them lessons but one on one sessions are very limited in our area, so we have taught them to swim ourselves.   Neither of them have very good technique but both can manage themselves in the water.    D is far more confident than M and will happily swim around where as M would rather just splash about in an area where he can touch the bottom.      D loves slides.    As soon as he sees one he has to go down it. M on the other hand would much rather be waiting at the bottom to cheer him on.      
The pool here at Haggerston has a small but fast slide that D adores.    M has never shown the slightest interest in going near it!    That is until yesterday when with no prompting he joined the line to go onvthe slide.    Yes not only did he wants to go in the slide, but he also went and queued up to door so!
The smile on his face when he came out of the water was a picture.    Ok he had come down with his goggles on and nose pinched tight, but he had done it and loved it!      He wanted to go straight back up and go again.   Well, 20 slides and slashes later, he decided he had done his quota for the day.
It is always amazing to see when the boys make up their minds they can do something and go for it.    After so many visits here we had given up asking him if he wanted to try so maybe that took the pressure off and so he thought he would try.
After been told we were really proud of him, his only response was “do I get a prize then?”

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