Rio 2


Yesterday as my Mothers Day treat, I was taken to the cinema to see Rio 2.     It was a film the boys had been talking about since they first heard there was going to be a sequel to the first movie.

The first movie was one that had passed us by at the cinema.    Neither of the boys had wanted to see it, and so we just didn’t go.     We go to quite a lot of films, usually at kids club, because it is just £1 each, so if the boys are fidgety or just not enjoying the film, then it’s not breaking the bank like full priced tickets are.       However, we just didn’t go for Rio.      When it was released on DVD, I won a copy – as you might know, I love a comp, and will enter anything I see no matter what the prize!       The box sat on the shelf and nobody seemed that interested in watching it.    M is so obsessional about films, that introducing a new one into the mix can be quite tricky, so one afternoon, I just put it on.    The boys and I were blown away by the colour and vibrance of the music.    It was an amazing film, and I then regretted not seeing at the cinema, as the spectacular of the opening sequence was made for 3D on the large screen.     It instantly became a back to back watched movie and a firm favourite.

For those of you that haven’t seen the first one, it is about a blue macaw, Blu,  who is stolen from his natural habitat as a chick, and ends up in the snowy USA where he soon becomes the companion of a young girl, Linda, and as she grows up they are devoted to each other, but he has become humanised, enjoying his hot chocolate with marshmallows, and never learning to fly.    Then one day a man, Julio, from a bird sanctuary in Brazil arrives to say he is a rare bird and he wants to use his for breeding with what he believes is the last female of the species, Jewel.      The trip to Rio follows, where he is kidnapped with the help of an evil bird called Nigel!       Well, after an amazing adventure, Blu, and Linda are reunited, but he has fallen in love with Jewel, so everyone stays in Brazil, and they work in a bird sanctuary.       Thats a really brief summary, and doesn’t pay the film justice as the colour, and the music give it amazing momentum.

Well, in Rio 2, Linda, and Julio are deep in the Amazon, and lost, so Blu and Jewel, and their chicks take a trip to go and find them, with the help of some friends from the first movie, but instead encounter all sorts of other adventures – I’m not going to spoil the movie by going into too much detail.       Nigel is back as the baddie – my boys are a little strange and were cheering for Nigel at one point, and I must say one of the highlights of the movie was a song and dance routine by our evil enemy!

Compared to the first movie, it was slower.      It was however beautiful.   The Latin music had you feeling the film, and not just watching it.      I would see it again, and I am sure I will because the boys will insist on getting it on DVD when it is released.      I think it was left in such a way that it will lead into a third film in the franchise very nicely – should there be one.

If you just want to see a lovely movie, with a nice story, then I would definitely recommend it.


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  1. I like a nice story. Sometimes I think film makers leave this bit out of children’s films, especially in some of the poorer sequels, so it’s good to know that you enjoyed this one.

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