Sick of sick!


Of all the bodily expulsions, the one I hate cleaning up most of all is sick.     I think it’s because some of the messes we as parents have to clean up over the years are pretty disgusting but none of the other lost bodily fluids make me want to do likewise.    But the mere smell of sick turns me into a bad mother as it turns my stomach!

On Sunday, M had been poorly most of the day, but after a bout of sickness on Saturday, he seemed on the mend.   That was until half an hour after bedtime when he started coughing.   I went through to see what was wrong,  and put my hand in a puddle of sick – he sleeps in a midi sleeper.     I turned into a stroppy cow at this point, telling him to get out of bed and stand on the mat to be cleaned up!     I moaned constantly as I striped his bed and loaded the bedding and his cuddly buds into the washing machine!      He was sound asleep by the time I started on about his soaked mattress – but he was in D’s bed!

When Hubby text to say him and D were going to be very late home from the footie because they were both unwell, I did feel sorry for them, but I also kept thinking how much I hate sick!

The one blessing with M sleeping in D’s bed was that when they did get home, D and Hubby slept in our bed, and I took the sofa, so I didn’t have to smell it!

Yesterday with three boys all feeling sorry for themselves was tiring.      I am rubbish at being ill myself, but I also don’t do the nursemaid bit very well.     When someone is bad enough to be bedbound, I am happy to wait on them, but as soon as they show signs of getting better, I want them to be helping themselves!     I know how uncaring that sounds, and it’s not meant to be that way, butmI’m also an honest realist and poorly people aren’t something I enjoy, after all, I don’t want their germs!!

Today M is better.   He is back chatting and being mega rude, a true sign he is back to speed.   He also had lunch and was looking for more food.    He will be back to school tomorrow!

Hubby and D though spent all day in bed yesterday.    When Hubby rang his boss to say he wasnt well yesterday morning, she assumed he had a hangover from the celebrations on Sunday – I imagine there were plenty of sickies being pulled on Monday but Hubby was genuinely ill.   He had to explain there was a nasty bug going around the school which one or other of the boys bought home and he got it!      I managed to get some soup into them both last night, and again this morning, but both of them seem too fragile to want to eat anything substantial.      I will try to persuade them at tea time.

I havent dare go to the car, as Hubby says they were both being sick all the way up the road.    I think that can wait for him to feel better as I don’t need the car this week.    I will show him how to use the carpet shampooer so he can do a proper job!

I have scrubbed mattresses and washed duvet, luckily the weather has been ok, to get them dry.

In the mean time I will console myself with knowing I am a loving mother but I have no time for people who vomit!    Hopefully they have got over this bug, and both Old person and me have  managed to steer clear of it! Maybe us old girls are made of tougher stuff than some people!


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