Today is the biggest day in sport in Aberdeen for many years.     Aberdeen football club has reached the final of the Scottish cup.

All the part-time supporters have come out of the woodwork and 40,000 fans are heading down to Glasgow to see their team play Inverness.

Now, I confess I know little about football, I am a Brentford supporter after all!     However when I married Hubby I became interested in the Red Army, because I had no choice – his love for them after all was a considering factor in us living up here rather than down south.

Hubby used to write for a fandom website, and therefore would head off to all games, both home and away.   When the M came a long, he prioritized and decided home games would still be a must, but away games went onto the back burner.

When football was on the telly, the boys would sit with him, and be introduced into what it was all about.    M showed no interest, but D was soon asking questions about what he was watching.

Last season, the club was offering a childs season ticket with the purchase of an adult at no additional cost.    Hubby got one for D, and it was a cold wet day that he became a member of the Red Army.       He didn’t go to every game but went to enough that when asked if he wanted to go again this season he didn’t have to be asked twice!

I think to start with going to the games was about pleasing his Dad, but it has changed to actually wanting his team to win!

As the team progressed through the tournament, Hubby told him they would go when the team got to the final.   They then actually managed it, and D was really excited.    He would not just be going to his first away game, but it was to a cup final!

Hubby queued for ages with all the other fans to get their hands on the much requested tickets.    The club has apparently sold 40,000 so Celtic Park is going to be a sea of red!

D has of course been in hospital since the excitement of getting to the final.    He told the physios he had to be walking by the final, and I think this may have been part of his motivation to get moving.     He is only using his crutches now for confidence rather than to aid his walking.     He has taken them with him today just in case he get tired as there will be a bit of walking involved.

I bought them both new scarves for the day, and Hubby planned the journey.    They are parking in Glasgow city centre and then getting the bus to the ground.    They are then meeting up with Hubbys brother afterwards and going for a meal.

D has been really excited about going, but has also seemed a little nervous.      It is a big day for him.   I am sure it is one he will recount for the rest of his life when he tells his kids about his first – and hopefully not last,  cup final!

Hubby has taken my phone as well as his, so D can have it in his pocket, so should the unthinkable happen and they get separated, they can contact each other – D knows how to send messages to his Dad  on my phone as will often steal it to do so!

My worry is the noise level at the ground might stress him out  he has his hat which he can pull down to deaden it a bit.    I am also petrified he will get lost in the crowds, but Hubby will be there and they have made contingency plans.

They went off early this morning, to give themselves plenty of time.     D was as excited as Hubby.    I hope they have a brilliant day and of course they see Mr Anderson lift the cup.

COYR!   (To the rest of us that means Come on you Reds!)


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