More Health Scares


I was foolish to believe that once my tonsils were removed and I had recovered I would get back to someone who rarely went to the doctors.      The truth of the matter is that once you get the wrong side of 45 things start to go wrong!     well, that certainly seems to have been my experience.

Yesterday I went to the doctors, because my throat was still feeling odd.   I have a constant feeling of gagging and when I lay down it gets worse.   This is the third time I had been about this feeling since my op, and while the other 2 GP’s had reassured me it was just part of the healing process, I was convinced there was more to it.       I managed to get an appointment with a lovely lady doctor who I can only describe as really down to earth and ordinary – that isn’t meant to be a put down, but she just doesn’t have the holier than thou attitude most doctors carry.

I described my throat feelings, and that I was feeling breathless a lot of the time.    She looked at my throat and said it had healed beautifully – I thought here we go again, but then went on to explain that the throat muscles were probably slack due to having my “huge tonsils” – the hospitals description of them on my notes, removed.      She thought it was worth referring me back to ENT to have them look at it and see if there was anything they could do to help.

She was however more concerned about the breathlessness I was experiencing.     She listened to my chest and said it was clear, but the deep breaths she had me doing made me very light-headed.       She asked about if I was getting swollen feet, and that’s a big yes.    As someone who suffers from leg cramps at night, I had just assumed the swelling was all part of that and not thought to mention it.       She prescribed me some tablets to reduce the water in my body – I have spent a lot of time in the loo since taking them!      She also wanted me to make an appointment for blood tests and an ECG – my third one in the last 6 months!      She said once the results were back she would call to sort out what to do from there.

When I went to reception to make the appointment for the nurse, there was a cancellation and I went straight through.       She took 4 viles of blood, and the ECG was done.     I decided not to worry about and got on with my day.

This morning at 8:30, as I’m shouting at the boys to get ready for school, the phone goes and it’s the doctor, wanting to see me today.   She said there were things in my tests we needed to discuss, but not to worry.   Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who as soon as a medical professional says don’t worry goes into total panic mode but I only had to wait until 11am.

She started with the good news and that was my liver and kidneys were fine.     The consultation went down hill from then!

I was anemic.   This is something that was no surprise as I have suffered with anemia for as many years as I can remember, and in fact it is the reason I had to stop giving blood.      This time though my bloods were so ridiculously low.   Apparently a normal person has a reading between 120 and 150 but mine was at 4.3 – I’m not sure what the scale its counted against is called, but it is so low it’s hardly there!    The immediate thing was to therefore get that up, as it maybe the reason for my breathlessness.        She asked if at any point the reason behind it recurring had been investigated, and I could only say I get given iron pills, then they take more bloods which show everything is fine so its been dealt with – I have always maintained joined up thinking doesn’t often happen in medical circles!         She also asked if I ate iron rich foods, and I said I don’t really like red meat so I don’t, and I didn’t think eating chocolate really counted!

My blood sugar was a little high, but she didn’t think that was anything to worry about at the moment, but I will have to have a fasting blood test at some point to investigate it in more depth.

She then went to talk about my ECG, which has noticeable differences from the one I had in October.      The computer that reads the graph had said it looked like heart strain and possible heart attack.     I was shocked!     I only went because I was a little breathless and here I am being told I may have had a minor heart attack, probably during surgery.        She did say, that as my symptoms had only started after the op, and I was still standing it was not something to worry about, but it is something of concern and needs investigating.

It’s not something that’s easy to take in being given information like that, but she seemed happy that it would be investigated and then we would move forward.    I am to get another heart scan to see if that shows any differences from the last one.   Once they have that information then they can make a plan of action.

I mentioned my weight before she did, and her conclusion was that while I need to lose weight, as it hasn’t fluctuated during the past six months, it hasn’t added any more strain to my heart than there was before.    She did say it was a subject we needed to return to but it wasn’t something to worry about at this point.

She then took my blood pressure and laughed out loud, because it was through the roof.    She admitted she should have taken it before we started talking as there was no way anyone would have a good reading after our discussion!

So now I start playing the waiting game for hospital appointments.       Hubby asked how I feel about it all, and I can honestly say its been a shock, but it’s happening and has to be dealt with, no point giving myself extra stress worrying about it.

I’m back to see the GP next week as she says the iron pills and the diuretics should be making a difference to my breathing by then.    I’m hoping she’s right on that as if I feel I’m more alert, I might be more motivated to do things!

I think 2014 is just my year of illness!


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  1. My blood is usually around 122, which is on the borderline for giving blood, and they lecture me about eating more iron then, so I can only wonder that you are still walking around with a reading of 4.

    I hope the tablets set you on the right track – I would have thought after you get the iron sorted out, that should really strengthen your body.

    • The doc thinks getting this back where it should be is the priority. Once I feel better she will start investigating everything else!
      In the mean time stopping Hubby going on about it is my aim as I dont see the point of worrying about something I have no control over!

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