Zoe, You’re a Credit to Nursing & The NHS…


The World of Neil

This week Daniel has been in hospital to have an operation on his knees to correct the way they’re growing. The op has gone well, and although recovery is slow, he’s getting there. It took a day or two, but he’s come to like the staff who interact with him. Dinner lady is one of his favourites, as is the night nurse. But its one of the student nurses who really engaged him. Her name is Zoe, and she has been fantastic with Daniel. She spoke to him, and not down to him. She humoured him when she asked what he wanted to do when he grew up when he answered “To be a surgeon like Mr Barker” (the surgeon who did Daniel’s op.) Many would have laughed it off, but she replied that the next time he saw Mr Barker, he should ask for some advice. It sounds so…

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