Hospital admittance


D’s operation was yesterday.

We arrived at the hospital and were shown to his bed and his information was taken by a student nurse. There is a real mix of ages in the ward, from baby to 16 and most somewhere in the middle.

One of the doctors underlings came and spoke to us and explained exactly what was going to happen – my knees ache at the thought of it. We also had a visit from the anaesthetist who let D choose the flavour he wanted added to the air that would put him to sleep – he chose strawberry which is apparently the most popular. The play leader then arrived to show him pictures of the theatre and the things he might see when he went down. The best thing though was she gave him a mask to try on for size so he knew what to expect – it didn’t have any tubes attached. He loved it because breathing trough it he sounded just like Darth Vadar!

He seemed calm enough and wanted to change into his shorts ready. Then he got agitated because he wanted it NOW! He asked every five minutes when it was his turn!

Then it was time to go. He wanted Hubby to go down with him so I gave him a huge hug and kiss and felt totally useless!

I used the time to put my bag in the room I was using and then went to meet up with Hubby. We some lunch. – butties from the WRVS, and then returned to the ward to wait for news.

Listening to the nurses was quite worrying as they searched for missing notes and retook obs because they hadn’t been recorded! Didn’t exactly make us feel confident. I hasten to add that all the nurses seemed lovely but the ward system was totally lacking.

We were then told D was all done and ready to return to the ward. We then waited almost 10 minutes before a nurse was free to take me down to him, despite it being on his notes that he has separation issues and I needed to be there when he came round. Needless to say by the time I got there they had a very upset wee man on their hands. He was in such a confused and upset state that his breathing was very erratic. I managed to calm him enough for them to return him to the ward.

He slept the afternoon away.

The doctor visited and said it had all gone well.
He finally woke and they let him have some bread and butter – he’s strange and didn’t want it toasted, and some water. He dosed on and off for the rest of the day.

About 10.30 he was snoring like his dad so I sneaked away. I hadn’t got down the two flights of stairs to the parents suite when the nurse called that he wanted me. I turned round and headed back up!

The nurse said all he would say was he wanted me but he told me he wanted a drink! I stayed with him until I was sure he was sleeping – about 11.30pm, and then sneaked away. I was so tired I just crashed out.

The phone rang at almost 1am. The nurse had rung the wrong room and had wanted a different parent. I tried to go back to sleep, but was restless until the phone went at 4am. D was awake and wanting me.

He was desperate for a wee, but couldn’t tell the nurse this! As it was, he couldn’t go! He was also in a lot of pain which again he couldn’t communicate. The nurse sorted this out for him, but it was gone 6 before he was sleeping again.

He made me promise not to go and so my day had begun much earlier than I would have liked!


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