Preparing for hospital.


Tomorrow is the day we have been waiting for what seems forever, when in fact it is only a few months, but D finally goes into hospital to get his knees pinned. We are hoping this will help with the pain and discomfort he experiences with every step he takes – not that he complains – often, or does he let it stop him doing most of the things he wants to do. He is imagining this will be a miracle cure, where we have tried to explain to him that this is only the first stage of getting better mobility, and it will take time and a lot of physio before he is running around like he wants to do. We haven’t dared to talk to him about the follow-up op in two years to remove the pins, but that’s a conversation for another time!

To be honest, at the moment, he seems to be taking it really well. He is almost excited about going into hospital. His best friend has spent a lot of time in hospital, so he and has Mum having being telling D about all the fun things that he got up to when he broke his leg – an accident falling off a scooter in the nursery. I imagine as today progresses D will be getting more apprehensive about the whole thing, but we will try to keep him up beat. Hubby has taken the boys to his Mums so that has at least occupied him for the time being.

Getting rid of the boys has meant I have had a chance to get organised for tomorrow and the days that follow it. There are the obvious things, like packing bags, and organising books, and things to take in for him – and me. His teacher has given him some work to do while he is off, if he felt up to it. He was so excited by this that he actually wanted to started it when he got home from school on Friday – I certainly have a conscientious kid! So that is ready to go. Hubby has organised D’s tablet so he has the games he plays most often on there, as well as a couple of his favourite films. I think we have sorted out enough stuff for a six months stay!

Then there are the less obvious things that I have been sorting out this morning. The washing is up to date, including his best buddy – Willie Bear, who will be going with him to hospital – apparently he also has dodgy knees!  The house has been cleaned. Yesterday I striped the cushion covers off the sofa and washed them, just in case D wasn’t able to do the stairs when he got home, and needed to sleep downstairs. So the house is spick and span – or as much as it ever is. I have also cleaned and tidied the kitchen. Now this might not seem a huge priority, but it Hubby can’t find what he is looking for easily, then they will be living on takeaway for however long we are away!    I have moved things in the freezer so they are no longer in the logical place, but in a place were Hubby can open the door and the likes of bacon or sausages will almost jump out at him!

Now I know I am over thinking this, and imaging the place will fall apart with out me for a few day, but having spent the last month trying to return the house to an even keel after my stay in hospital, I know what these folks are like with things!

They have enough food for the week, so there will be no need to worry about shopping – but I probably haven’t bought enough crisps and snacks to satisfy Hubby and M!!

Hopefully we will only be away for a few days, but you never know with these things.    They say D’s road to recovery is all down to the physio, so it is her he has to show that he can do this.    He is desperate to get onto crutches, so hopefully that mental attitude will stay with him once he actually needs it – although I am concerned that his weak painful wrists might mean they have to think again about that one!

Tomorrow is a long way off in terms of keeping him happy and in the right place mentally.    This evening we will watch some videos about the anesthetic, which are aimed at helping the kids have a better understanding of what will be happening to them.

For now though he is happy with what will be happening tomorrow.    M on the other hand is so worried about his brother that it is beautiful to see.   We have a little boy who is gushing over a brother he claims to hate.   Its lovely.     Hubby will talk to M’s teacher in the morning to explain what is going on, just to warn her that his behaviour might be a little out of sorts.    If he really isn’t coping then we will have to evaluate things, but I suspect once he has seen D has come through the op in one piece he will go back to hating him again!

Now, there must be something I have forgotten to organise!!!


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