New TV Obsession for our Autistic Boys!


The World of Neil

I’ve written a few times about the obsessive nature of our two boys – and autistic kids in general. Lego Star Wars is a great example for Daniel ( Well, I think we’ve got a new one. While we have Sky+ HD in our front room, Jane & I often watch TV upstairs thanks to old person treating the living room as personal living space. We’ve bemoaned the fact we get little chance to watch the programmes we record, or don’t see in HD. Well a couple of weeks ago we took the plunge and ordered Sky+ HD to replace our box upstairs. It finally arrived last Wednesday, and by the afternoon we had HD and On Demand TV.

Now, On Demand is something the boys love. There’s plenty of movies they love to see over and over, and that function allows them to indulge without searching for DVDs. One…

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