Smoking BBQ Experiment


The World of Neil

Its February, its not too warm, its wet, so its hardly barbeque time is it? Wrong! At Christmas time, Jane was gifted some Amazon vouchers, and after some consideration and a lot of browsing, she had a brainwave. Something she was always wanted – after she and I watching hours of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives on Food Network – was a BBQ smoker. The thought of smoking our own meat sounded a great idea, and something different from the normal BBQ turnout (in our house at least) of burgers and sausages. After more consideration, Jane plumped for the Mini Idaho Smoker BBQ ( It seemed ideal for our first smoker. Big enough for our needs really, and nothing too expensive if it all went wrong!

We gave it a bash a few weeks ago with some marinaded chicken, which turned out well. But today we experimented again! Jane had bought…

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