February Mid-term.


The February mid-term break always seems to take an age to arrive, and yet it is less than six weeks since the return to school after the new year. I think for us it is long because it has always been M’s most confused time at school. When he was in his first year, he could not handle the disruption in the run up to Christmas, and then being forced back into routine in January meant his teachers suddenly saw the other side of a child who had not shown his problems to any great extent up until then. Each year has pretty much followed the same pattern with the start of January being quite unsettled for him. This year with me having been into hospital, both boys have found it pretty hard going, but I am proud of how well they have both managed.

Even though the break is only two days holiday, and three days in-service, it seems like it has been much longer. I think it is because the couple of weeks before they broke up, one or other child was home from school poorly – this strange weather we are having seems to have made bugs easy to catch but very difficult to get rid of. The make up of this holiday is one I, and many other parents moan about each year, as it is spread over two weeks, with the Thursday/Friday of one week and the other three days the next. It would be so much easier if it was a straight week off, but it isn’t and we have to deal with it.

We haven’t been too busy, but we have kept occupied. I think I have been very conscious that they both have to be fit to return to school as neither can afford any more sick days.

We have managed to go out for lunch three days in a row, which the boys have loved.     We managed pizza with Hubbys Mum – she never cooks so the boys know that going to hers means takeaway, and M does say that’s why he likes visiting her.       We then went for lunch at the garden centre I usually go to with old person –http://www.kirktowngardencentre.co.uk/ .   The boys asked if they could go there, and there was little argument from me!     I think they feel all grown up there as it is where I go without them usually!  It has recently been refurbed, and it was our first visit since they reopened.    The place looks really nice, and the food is still as excellent as always, being freshly cooked home style cooking.    Today, Hubby was working from home, and so I said I would get the boys out of his hair – what little there is – for an hour and take them to McDonalds for an end of holidays treat.   The boys soon managed to persuade their Dad to join us through.    They had been all excited about going there since they saw the gift in the kid’s meal at the moment was to do with the Lego movie which will take a lot to beat as movie of the year in this house –http://wp.me/p3tFtX-gy !!!      People complain about McD’s, but you know what you’re going to get, and it’s probably only something they have once during a school holidays so it’s not that they are eating it regularly.       The gift they got was a beaker with Batman on it, and they were in use the moment we got home!

So it’s not been a strenuous break for the boys.   We also managed D’s hospital visit – https://jas2jar.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/ward-visit-for-my-aspie/, a birthday party for D to attend which M tagged a long to and some outdoor time – we have been lucky with the weather.     I think they are ready to go back to school, and M particularly need to return to routine as soon as possible.    For D it is slightly different with his operation next week, so he will only be in for 2 days before being off for goodness knows how long.

It’s only going to be about another 6 weeks until the Easter break, and I think by then we will all be hoping life will have settled back into a sensible pace and not the hectic mess the start of this year has been.


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  1. Just come back from the Lego movie – what a surprise ending! But a good one.

    There’s a place in the world for McDonalds. As you say not every day but once in a while, fast food has its place in a family.

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