Who’s Worried Most?


The World of Neil

A while ago I posted about Daniel’s upcoming operation to pin his knees to straighten up his legs (http://theworldofneil.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/apsie-operations-asd-brother/) Today we took Daniel (and Matthew) along to the hospital today to have a look round the ward where Daniel will be heading next Monday for the op, just so he could get comfortable about where he’s going, and what it will be like. He was happy enough. There’s a Wii with Mario Kart in the play area, and he’ll have kids TV at his bed, so all is well! He was all very matter of fact about it, and is now of the view that next week can’t come soon enough.

But it seems its not Daniel that’s worried most. Matthew was highly agitated today, was continually telling Daniel to be careful, to not run, that toys and children can get lost in hospital. His eyes were everywhere when we…

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